NEE Propane & Natural Gas Equipment Catalogue

NATIONAL TOLL FREE DIRECTORY 1-866-574-5100 | ON THE WEB REGULATORS DOMESTIC REGULATORS Accessories for Marshall Excelsior Compact Twin Stage Regulators NEE # Description MEGR-861 Universal First Stage Cover - Plastic MEGR-862 Universal Second Stage Cover - Plastic NEE # Description MEGR-900 Universal Z Regulator Bracket 3-1/2” Centerline MEGR-RVB Universal L Regulator Bracket REGULATOR ACCESSORIES Mounting Brackets Provides means to support regulator on walls, posts or other secure surfaces. NEE # For Regulator Shape / Mount P100A (FIS) R122, R232, R600, 912 Triangular P100C R600 Series Universal x Shaped P102A 912 Series Strap NEE # For Regulator Shape / Mount P100A (CAV) 988/998 Series Triangular P100L Universal Rectangular Vent Assemblies Attached directly to the regulator vent connection or vent line, vent assemblies should be pointed downward on outdoor installations to avoid moisture build-up in the spring case. Models with a stabilizer provide a solution to units with instability by giving a restricted breathing rate under normal conditions while opening for rapid discharge, when necessary. The use of vent stabilizers shouldn’t cause restriction to the outlet. They’re designed for use on older Fisher regulators not built with high capacity relief devices or large vent openings. NEE # Size Stabilizer Type Y602-13 1/4” F NPT No Angle Y602-1 1/4” M NPT Umbrella Y602-2 Yes Y602-14 1/4” F NPT Angle Y602-6 3/8” F NPT NEE # Size Stabilizer Type Y602-5 3/8” F NPT No Angle Y602-7 1/2” F NPT Y602-8 Yes ME900-6 3/4” F NPT No Y602-25 1” M NPT Regulator Covers and Hoods In order to ensure proper operation, regulators must be protected from the elements when installed outdoors. When mounted under the dome of a cylinder or tank, they are properly protected. In other applications, a hood or cover is recommended. NEE # Description Dimensions HOOD Galvanized 2-Piece Wall-mounted regulator cover 10 1/2” H x 9 1/2” W x 7” D REGCOVER 1-Piece Polyethylene-hinged regulator cover 13” H x 8” W x 6” D Miscellaneous Regulator Fittings and Adapters NEE # Type Description Application P499 Fisher 1/4” F. Inv Flare x 1/4” M NPT with Screen Convert NPT inlet on regulators such as 912 and 67 series to inverted flare ME2132 Marshall Excelsior 1/4” F. Inv Flare x 1/4” M NPT ME2131 1/4” F. Inv Flare Plug Keeps dirt and foreign material from entering changeover assembly inlets ME24C 1/4” M NPT x 9/16 -18LH Allows connection of a standard welding hose end to the outlet of a 67 series regulator ME24E 3/8” M NPT x 9/16 -18LH Allows connection of a standard welding hose end to 3/8” M NPT METL051 Serviceman’s Friend Regulator test port adapter MEGR-900 MEGR-RVB MEGR-862 P100A P100C Angle Umbrella HOOD REGCOVER P499 ME2131 ME24E METL051