NEE Propane & Natural Gas Equipment Catalogue

CANADA’S LEADER IN ENERGY PRODUCTS EQUIPMENT PUMPS, COMPRESSORS & MOTORS DIAPHRAGM RELIEF, BACK PRESSURE & BYPASS VALVES Blackmer Bypass Valves Designed to protect pumps and system components from excessive pressure damage. Found on stationary tank or delivery truck installations, it is a general requirement wherever a positive displacement pump is used. Blackmer bypass valves provide exceptionally close pressure control, even under widely varying bypass flow conditions. Maximum Rated Flow* GPM (LPM) @ NEE # Size Description 20 PSI (138 kPa) 50 PSI (345 kPa) 80 PSI (552 kPa) 120 PSI (827 kPa) BV0.75 3/4” NPT Commonly used for cylinder filling systems and are used with 1-1/4” or 1-1/2” pumps. 25(95) 40(151) 50(189) 60(227) BV1 1 NPT 125(473) BV1.25A 1-1/4” NPT Normally used for bobtail trucks and smaller bulk plant systems and are used with 2” or 3” pumps. 60(227) 80(303) 100(379) BV1.5A 1-1/2” NPT BV2 2” NPT Equipped with 2” NPT companion flanges and are widely used for transports or large bulk plant systems and are recommended for use with 3” and 4” pumps. 150(568) 180(681) 250(833) 250(946) Corken Bypass Valves Corken Bypass valves are designed to be used with Corken pumps to protect the pump and downstream system from over-pressure, and to set the discharge/differential pressure for the pumping system. The B166 valve incorporates a bleed mechanism that assists the Coro-Flo pumps by allowing the inlet of the pump to remain in contact with liquid and maintain quick prime capability. These valves are typically piped back to the vapour section of the storage tank. Various spring ranges are available to work with specific application requirements. The ZV200 valve features gauge or relief valve ports on the inlet and outlet areas of the valve and features a continuous bleed port to assist remote operated ISC valve operation when permitted by code. The B177 valve requires a sensing line from the storage tank to provide proper pump protection and pressure control. NEE # Size Max PSID Spring Ranges Application B166B-.75BAU 3/4” NPT 150 25-225 Coro-Flo pumps B166B-1BAU 1” NPT T166-1.25BAU 1-1/4” NPT Bulk Trucks T166-1.5BAU 1-1/2” NPT NEE # Size Max PSID Spring Ranges Application ZV200BAEE 1-1/2” to 2-1/2” NPT 150 40-150 Trucks & Plants B177-2 2” NPT 10-125 Bulk Plants B177-2.5BAE 2-1/2” NPT 10-126 Fisher Bypass Valves Fisher N110 Series Bypass Valves are ideal for pumps with flows in the 5-40 GPM range. A vented opening assists pump priming and the compact size allows for installation where space is limited. Equipped with a 1/4” side tap for a pressure gauge or relief valve, these valves are suitable for LP or NH3 applications. Fisher N100 Series Bypass Valves are designed for larger flow requirements and are similar in features to the N110 series with the exception of a 90º body configuration. NEE # Pump Capacity Pump Size Body Size Differential Setting Differential Range N110-06-1 5-20 GPM - 3/4” F NPT 50 PSID 25-50 PSID N110-06-2 100 PSID 75-100 PSID N110-08-1 20-40 GPM 1” F NPT 50 PSID 25-50 PSID N110-08-2 100 PSID 75-100 PSID N100A-08-1 - 2” 50 PSID 25-75 PSID N100A-08-2 115 PSID 50-150 PSID NEE # Pump Capacity Pump Size Body Size Differential Setting Differential Range N100A-10-1 - 2”-3” 1-1/4” F NPT 50 PSID 25-75 PSID N100A-10-2 115 PSID 50-150 PSID N100A-12-1 1-1/2” F NPT 50 PSID 25-75 PSID N100-16-1 4” 2” F NPT N100-16-2 115 PSID 50-150 PSID N100-20-2 2-1/2” F NPT 50 PSID 25-75 PSID * Normal maximum bypass flow rates; without significantly exceeding the set pressure limit. T166 ZV200 B166 B177 BV0.75 BV2 BV2 Cut-away N110 N100