NEE Propane & Natural Gas Equipment Catalogue

CANADA’S LEADER IN ENERGY PRODUCTS EQUIPMENT REGULATORS SMALL SINGLE STAGE REGULATORS The MEGR-230 Single Stage Regulators are approved for use in small portable applications and outdoor cooking appliances utilizing low pressure. Note: Single Stage Regulators are not approved for RV use or on fixed piping systems for home heating or domestic applications. NEE # BTU Capacity Inlet Connection Outlet Connection Adjustment Range Factory Setting Vent Location Cover MEGR-218 140,000 S.N. FF POL with plastic handwheel 3/8” F NPT 9-13” W.C. 11” W.C. 90º 861-01 MEGR-230-1326 Black F. QCC-1 9” W.C. Over outlet N/A MEGR-230-9 SN .9 GPM Excess Flow POL MEGR-231 Hardnose FF POL 90º 912-101 220,000 1/4” F NPT 11” W.C. Slotted screen Over outlet P331 (To be used when installed horizontally) 912-104 1/4” F NPT 912-122 H.N. M POL 3/8” F NPT 1/8” F NPT Over Outlet 912-197 1/4” F NPT 912-267 Factory set 4.5” W.C. MEGR-230 140,000 9-13” W.C. 9” W.C. Over outlet N/A MEGR-230-90 90º COMMERCIAL & INDUSTRIAL REGULATORS Marshall Excelsior High Pressure Regulators for Small Loads The MEGR-130 series high pressure single stage regulators are designed to provide an economical solution for ‘pounds to pounds’ service applications. The MEGR-130 can be used to regulate air as well as LP gas. Regulators must be installed in compliance with federal, provincial or local codes/laws in accordance with B149. The MEGR-350 series are adjustable high pressure single stage regulators. The body and bonnet of both the fixed and adjustable regulators are precisely machined and feature a crimped design and fabric reinforced rubber diaphragm creating a positive seal for leak-free performance. The MEGR-360 series regulators, with Type 1(QCC), is designed specifically for appliances such as turkey/fish fryers, camp stoves and torch applications that require pounds to pounds pressure instead of inches water column. NEE # BTU Capacity Inlet / Outlet Connection Spring Range Adjustment Type MEGR-130-05 1,200,000 1/4” F NPT Pre-set @ 4 PSI None MEGR-130-10 Pre-set @ 10 PSI MEGR-130-15 Pre-set @ 15 PSI MEGR-130-20 Pre-set @ 20 PSI MEGR-130-30 Pre-set @ 30 PSI MEGR-350 0-10 PSI Dial Top MEGR-350-20 0-20 PSI MEGR-350-30 0-30 PSI MEGR-351 Full Flow POL x 1/4” F NPT 0-10 PSI MEGR-360 Black F.QCC x 1/4” F NPT MEGR-230 Regulator with “Drip Lip” vent MEGR-230-9 MEGR-230 with Soft-Nose 912 Series MEGR-130-20 MEGR-350