NEE Propane & Natural Gas Equipment Catalogue

CANADA’S LEADER IN ENERGY PRODUCTS EQUIPMENT METERS ACTARIS VAPOUR METERS Diaphragm Meters for Residential & Light Commercial Applications All meters are temperature compensated. Capacities are based on a pressure drop of 1/2” W.C. at 7” W.C. Natural Gas. For Propane capacities in BTU/h, multiply SCFH by 0.63 - then by 2,488. Options include metric or imperial registers and pulse output. Specify preference when ordering. Swivel nuts and washers are ordered separately (2 per meter). For Commercial and Industrial applications with higher capacities, contact NEE. The larger members of the “A”-series combine accuracy and long life in a compact meter. Thanks to modern engineering and production techniques, the Actaris 1000A , for example, weighs 28 percent less than our previous 1000- class meter. It’s height has been cut by 29 percent, creating a leaner, tighter meter. This new smaller size adds up to big advantages in easier shipping, handling and installation – at just 19” (483mm) from base to hub, these meters can be applied wherever capacities of 675-1000 ft3/hr (18- 28m3/hr) are needed. With the size reduction, all Actaris 800A and 1000A meters will retrofit into any of your current meter sets. Weights & Measures sealing is available and required if the meters are to be used for custody transfer of product. Industry Canada requires fuel suppliers to register with the government . “ In accordance with the Electricity and Gas Inspection Act, any person or body that has undertaken to supply, on th basis of measurement, electricity or gas to any purchase , shall hold a certificate of regist ation iss ed u er the authority of the Act, subsection 6(2).” The application form for a “Certificate of Contractor Registration” is available on the internet:$file/ic If W&M is required, please specify at time of order and provide NEE with your Industry Canada Registration number. We will ensure that this is reflected on the data plate of the meter as required by the government. NEE # Capacity PSI Thread Size Temperature Connection Size Cyclic Volume M250TC-F3 250 SCFH @ 0.5” W.C. Pressure Drop 5, Max 1” NPT -20°F to +120°F 10lt, 20lt, 30lt, #1 Sprague, 1-1/4” 0.071 ft³ / Revolution M250TC-M3 0.002010 m³ / Revolution 400ATC 400 SCFH @ 0.5” W.C. Pressure Drop 10, Max 1 1/2” NPT 20lt, 30lt, 45lt, #4 Sprague 0.11 ft³ / Revolution 675ATC 675 SCFH @ 0.5” W.C. Pressure Drop 25, Max 30lt, 45lt #4 Sprague 0.55 ft³ / Revolution 800ATC 800 SCFH @ 0.5” W.C. Pressure Drop 1 3/4” NPT 30lt, 45lt, 60lt, 100lt #5 Sprague 1000ATC 1000 SCFH @ 0.5” W.C. Pressure Drop 45lt, 60lt, 100lt #5 Sprague Meter Accessories NEE # Description 730074 1” Insulated Meter Connection Bar AS20LTW1RGMETR1 1” # 20 LT Washer for M250 ASNUT115650009 1” # 20 LT Swivel Nut for M250 NEE # Description ASSWVL128900009 1” # 20 Swivel for M250 SV304-4 IMAC Gas Strainer 400ATC M250TC