NEE Propane & Natural Gas Equipment Catalogue

CANADA’S LEADER IN ENERGY PRODUCTS EQUIPMENT FUEL CONTROL MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS Computrol Fuel Systems Computrol Fuel Control Systems Inc. cardlocks are field proven in thousands of sites worldwide. They feature low maintenance, rugged construction that is perfectly suited for all locations, even extreme weather areas. Their reliability and simplicity of design are trademarks of the Computrol line of fuel management products and ensure long-lasting return on investment. Standard Performance Features for both the Fleet 220 Series & C6000 Series: • Easily replaces existing cardlocks or keylocks • Provides unattended 24 hour security on all petroleum fuel products including LP, NG & water • Vandal-proof, stainless steel keypad includes audible beeper with bright programmable display The Fleet-220 Series System is a stand-alone model, designed to accommodate small fleets of up to 200 users. It features a keypad and an optional card reader to securely identify both drivers & vehicles, as well as built-in diagnostics to detect pump or product flow problems. Features: • Free standing design eliminates need for on-site building or kiosk • USB Stick for data transfer with options for Bluetooth and wireless modem communication • Tracks drivers, customers and vehicles by card and/or keypad codes • Computrol design and construction provides easy serviceability The C6000 Series System (with ProFuel) is designed to accommodate larger scale fleets, with a capacity of 100,000 users. It can be installed as a stand-alone unit or in master/slave configurations. Customers can specify the card technology to be used. The C6000 offers multiple card technologies including mag stripe, touch, proximity, key tags or cardless. An optional receipt printer is also available. Any number of sites can be networked together to provide a country wide or company wide solution. F atures: • Rugged aluminum cabinet is thermostatically controlled and heater equipped for reliable cold weather operation • Ideal for all petroleum products including alternate fuels, lubricants and controlling bulk water stations • System may use customers’ existing cards to provide continuity with security or other systems • Supports custom designed receipt printout for fuel resale cardholders • Advanced software supports odometer checking and assignment of credit limits, discount pricing, taxes, invoicing reports and CSV exports • Modular construction allows for distributed system installation and provides easy serviceability • Options for Bluetooth and wireless data communication strategies NEE # Model Dimensions Max # of Users Hose Capacity Transmission Options Card Types Display Type 90-202-P2 Fleet-220 System 14” D x 13” W x 14” H 200 1-4 1 Serial Port, Ethernet Port, Wireless Bluetooth & USB Coil & RFID Proximity LCD - 5” Screen 90-500-C2 C6000 System 15.5” D x 18.3” W x 10.4” H 100,000 1-32 4 Serial Ports, 10/100 Mps Ethernet Port & Wireless Coil, Mag Stripe, RFID Proximity & Nozzle Ring Tag LCD - 2 x 40 characters Fleet-220 System C6000 System METERS