NEE Propane & Natural Gas Equipment Catalogue

CANADA’S LEADER IN ENERGY PRODUCTS EQUIPMENT LIQUID CONTROLS METERS 2” Positive Displacement Meters & Registers The exclusive LC rotary abutment principle eliminates the internal metal to metal contact found in meters using oscillating pistons, sliding vanes or rotary gears. No contact means no wear, no leaks, no increase in clearances and no loss of profits. Liquid Controls LP Gas / Anhydrous Ammonia (NH3) Meters give you sustained accuracy year after year & offer the ultimate in accuracy for Bulk Delivery Truck & Bulk Loading applications. LC meters are available in a wide range of construction materials and sizes to meet almost any application - with capacities to 1,000 Gallons / Minute. NEE has a fully equipped repair facility and we are certified by Industry Canada to prove and seal meters in accordance with Weights and Measurement Canada requirements. Common Meter Packages for Stationary and Mobile LPG/NH3 applications include:  Meter body / housing  Strainer / Vapour Eliminator  Register (Mechanical or Electronic)  Weights and Measurement certification done in our facility  Differential Valve  Back Check Valve  Ticket Printer LectroCount Electronic Registration Systems are the ideal choice for both mobile and fixed flow measurement applications. LectroCount provides near perfect metering accuracy with multipoint calibration and optional temperature/volume compensation. Simple to operate electronics deliver advanced features including on-site ticket generation, improved security/audit trail and the capability for real time RF communications with your home office. LC electronic registers can be adapted to mount on most LPG meters in the marketplace today. Available in configurations suitable for hazardous locations. Contact NEE for specifications. NEE # Inlet/Outlet Max Capacity Min Capacity Register MA7CLI10/LCRII WM 2” 100 gpm (387 lpm) 20 gpm (77 lpm) LCR MA-15-GY-10 3” / 2” 200 gpm (774 lpm) 40 gpm (154 lpm) Mechanical MSA-30-GY-10 300# Flanged 350 gpm (1354 lpm) 15 gpm (58 lpm) Available in sizes from 1/4 to 12 inches and flow rates of 0.25 to 12,000 US GPM, LC Turbine Meters offer increased accuracy, greater efficiency and longer service life. Constructed of stainless steel or corrosive series with a hydraulically balanced turbine rotor (no thrust bearing) and rugged, compact construction for the most accurate and reliable measurement available. NEE # Description SP11/2MBPHLA4-X 1/2” Turbine Flow Meter Note: Turbine Meters are not W and M approved for custody transfer of LPG. MA7C LCR11 Parallel Slip Printer has three-part copy and dual cash drawer capability. Meets worldwide regulatory requirements including UL, CSA and CE mark. Windows and OPOS compliant. High speed thermal and impact journal/slip/validation. Printer for use at the Point-of-Sale in restaurants, banking and retail environments. NEE # Printer Type Color Printer Output Warranty Weight TM295-071 POS receipt printer Dot-matrix 7 pin White 2.1 lines/sec, B/W Limited 1 year warranty for parts and labour 3.5 lbs Turbine Flow Meter Parallel Slip Printer METERS