NEE Propane & Natural Gas Equipment Catalogue

CANADA’S LEADER IN ENERGY PRODUCTS EQUIPMENT ELECTRIC & WATERBATH VAPORIZERS Second Sun™ Tank Heater The SECOND SUN™ is a flameless, gas powered catalytic tank heater that is designed to safely and efficiently augment natural vaporization in propane, LPG and anhydrous ammonia storage tanks. When our environment is unable to supply the needed energy, Second Sun™ is an ideal solution! The catalytic tank heater meets hazardous location requirements and has no pilot flame or source of ignition. The catalytic heaters provide low temperature radiant heat that will not overheat or harm the tank’s surface. The unit utilizes propane vapour from the storage tank for operation of the heater and monitoring controls. The SECOND SUN™ Tank Heater models will input either 10,000 or 30,000 BTU/hr into the storage tank and provide 0.5mm or 2.2 mm BTU/hr output respectively, in addition to the tank’s natural vaporization rate. The unit operates based on tank pressure and has an adjustable operating pressure switch. When the pressure in the storage tank falls below the operating switch set point, the heater will cycle on providing heat (energy) into the liquid stored in the tank. Second Sun is activated ‘ON’ when tank pressure falls below approximately 50; The unit then returns to standby when the pressure is restored to 60 PSIG. An integral 12V DC heater is used to initially start the SECOND SUN™. After startup, sufficient voltage to operate the gas security valve is ‘self-generated’ and requires no electricity for operation. It is equipped with safety controls for high pressure and high temperature. Startup energy for the catalytic reaction (12VDC) is typically provided using “jumper cables” from a vehicle battery. Designed to fit 30” – 84” in diameter tanks; from 250 gallons up to 12,000 gallons. It is simple to install and easy to remove for tank and heater inspection. Applications include : Maintaining tank pressure, or equilibrium pressure, as vapour is extracted, increased tank vaporization & can be used with propane, butane or LPG mixtures. Consequently, the unit’s ‘ON’ cycle is activated based on storage tank pressure. As vapour is consumed or the ambient temperature drops, tank pressure is reduced. NEE # BTU Inlet Fuel Connection Max. Inlet Pressure Mount to Dimensions (L x W x H) Weight SS-10 10,000 1/4” NPT 10 – 250 PSI 250 – 3,900 USG Tanks 28” x 18 1/4” x 10” 45 lbs. SS-30 30,000 1,000 – 12,000 USG Tanks 74” x 19” x 9” 125 lbs. Note: Complete with low pressure regulator, supplying gas to operate the tank heater and a complete set of mounting straps & hardware. Heavy Ends Sediment Trap For installation in the piping system downstream of a direct fired or electric vaporizer. Includes a 1/2” F. NPT clean-out drain couplings for removing condensed heavy ends from vaporized LPG, 2” F. NPT inlet and outlet couplings and a 2” F. NPT threaded mounting adapter. Tanks are built to the ASME requirements and CRN registered in all provinces. NEE # Description 301944 6” x 28”, 3.1 USWG capacity, 300 PSI Working Pressure NEE # Description 302211 6” x 54”, 6.0 USWG capacity, 300 PSI Working Pressure PACKAGED SYSTEMS, VAPORAIRE & TANK BLANKETS Polar Pad Tank Blankets The Polar Pad is protected by weather-proof material and is well insulated from the elements. When the ratcheting straps are tight, weather stripping around the edge of the pad forms a moisture-proof seal between the pad and the tank. The pad plugs into any grounded electrical outlet (with an industrial grade cord) that is outside the hazardous area boundary defined by governing codes. When the outside temperature drops, the pad uses more power, enabling it to do its job of heating the propane tank. It features rigid body configuration that is fitted for specific tank diameters. The capacities and watts are based on -40 °F. 120V. CSA certified. NEE # Tank / Cylinder Weight Tank / Cord Length Voltage Capacity (BTU) Watts 2017-420-120-T 420 Lb 3 M 120V 150,000 170 2017-500-120-T 500 Gal 9 M 300,000 280 2017-1000-120-T 1000 Gal 600,000 570 2017-1000-240-T 2017-2000-120V 2000 Gal 1,000,000 940 2017-2000-240V Note: Models above have built in Thermostat. VAPORIZERS