NEE Propane & Natural Gas Equipment Catalogue

NATIONAL TOLL FREE DIRECTORY 1-866-574-5100 | ON THE WEB PACKAGED SYSTEMS, VAPORAIRE & TANK BLANKETS QM Packaged Waterbath & Venturi Similar to the XPV system, the QM utilizes a Waterbath vaporizer coupled with the Vaporaire-mixing Venturi instead of an XP Electric unit. Suitable for loads up to 150 million BTU’s at 15 PSI. The QM is a state of the art air/gas mixing plant. Contact NEE for detailed specifications. Vaporaire Air-Gas Mixing Systems Provides an LPG/Air mixture to supplement or replace natural gas. Connects directly to existing natural gas fuel lines. Mixed gas delivery pressures available up to 15 PSIG for propane and 8 PSIG for butane without air assist. Mixed gas delivery pressures available up to 40 PSIG with air assist. Available with or without accumulator tank. No modifications to your burner equipment are necessary. Complies with Class I, Division 1, Group Requirements. Compact and easy to service. 100% Turndown. BTU Capacities from 7 to 250 Million BTU/Hr. of mixed gas. XPV Packaged Natural Gas Replacement Systems Complete natural gas replacement system for commercial and small industrial natural gas users . Allows you to take advantage of discounted natural gas rates. Guarantees your fuel supply when your neighbor gets cut off. Combination of the ASDI POWER ® XP electric vaporizer and VAPORAIRE ® Venturi Air/Gas Mixer. Packaged single-unit saves on installation and provides maximum reliability and convenience. Footprint smaller than 16’ 2”. Explosion proof design means it can be installed anywhere. These systems have the ability to make synthetic natural gas in less than one minute. Includes accumulator tank and Venturi silencer. With Tank Without Tank VAPORIZERS