NEE Propane & Natural Gas Equipment Catalogue

CANADA’S LEADER IN ENERGY PRODUCTS EQUIPMENT REMOTE TANK MONITORING SYSTEMS Remote Mass Measurement Wireless Mass Measurement Gauges provide the best bulk storage inventory reconciliation solution available to the LP Industry. Why Does Mass Matter? Mass Measurement starts with the mass (loosely referred to as weight) of the total product (liquid and the liquid content in the vapour space) for total inventory. FTI then processes this accurate “mass” data using temperature, pressure and specific gravity to give you level, liquid net gallons, vapour content net gallons, total net gallons, liquid gross gallons, vapour content gross gallons, total gross gallons, date and time. Your Inventory Control Advantage FTI’s Remote Inventory System along with TankWorks reporting software, ensures timely and highly accurate inventory data. What is the value of highly accurate and timely inventory data? Examples: Accurate balance sheets, accurate inventory control, greater tank utilization, reduced “run-outs”, reduced ”no-fits”, better supplier relations, and improved transportation operations. Tank Probe Assembly (Gauge & Transmitter) Your Operating Capacity Advantage 99.5 % accurate mass measurement technology complies with the B149 code and allows filling to 42% of the water weight capacity of your storage tank. Filling by weight vs filling by volume can give you as much as 15% more capacity! The system consists of 3 elements :  The Mass Measurement Gauge  The Master Control Unit  ankWorks Reporting Software The gauge is installed in a 2 inch opening in the top of the storage tank and a transmitter is mounted on the top of the gauge. The transmitter sends the RF signal to the Master Control Unit installed within 400 ft of the transmitter. The MCU can receive RF transmitted data from as many as 33 tanks and a single tank farm can consist of LPG or a combination of various fuels to accommodate the requirements of multi-fuel distribution bulk plants. All products are cULus approved for use in Canada and the USA. NEE # Description FT-100-02 Master Control Unit (MCU) for 1 to 2 tanks (included in FT-100LPG) FT PROBE UPGR 1 Probe Extension for FT-100LPG Kit for tanks with I.D. between 84” & 132” FT-100-1UPG Probe Expansion kit. Add an additional tank probe to the FT-100LPG Kit FT-100-05 Master Control Unit (MCU), up to 5 tanks FT-100-09 Master Control Unit (MCU), up to 9 tanks FT-100-14 Master Control Unit (MCU), up to 14 tanks FT-100-20 Master Control Unit (MCU), up to 20 tanks FT-100-25 Master Control Unit (MCU), up to 25 tanks FT-100-30 Master Control Unit (MCU), up to 30 tanks NEE # Description FT-OPTIONEXTKIT 4 ft adjustment chain for probe position adjustment FTI-100-BP Battery Pack/RF Sender for Mass Measurement (One Cell) applications FT-OPTION-A65 Directional Yagi antenna with 65 ft cable extension for MCU/ Transmitter reception FT-OPTION-R Repeater for distances in excess of 400 ft or areas with transmission interference FT-OPTION-P-COMB PC Host & Tankworks Software FT-OPTIONLANNP5110 Interface Module, Serial 232 to Ethernet FT-OPTIONLAN Optional LAN Interface module for incorporating the FTI MCU console onto your company LAN FT-OPTIONLANCBL10 10’ CAT V Lan Cable FT-OPTIONMLS Optional Modem Line Splitter Module for installations with an incoming telephone line, one telephone site modem, and multiple FCI MCU units PRESSURE & LEVEL GAUGES