NEE Propane & Natural Gas Equipment Catalogue

NATIONAL TOLL FREE DIRECTORY 1-866-574-5100 | ON THE WEB REMOTE TANK MONITORING SYSTEMS Remote Mass Measurement “Gauge2Port” Mass Gauge Adapter Gauge2Port™ has been created by FTI to enable dual use of a single port on your LP bulk storage tank, eliminating the need and considerable expense of cutting and welding a 2” coupling (port) in a ASME LPG pressure vessel. Gauge2Port™ has been tested to UL’s 119 standard. This fabricated assembly has a 2” male pipe thread base, a 2” flange for the FTI mass measurement gauge and includes a 2½” female thread for a 2” size external PR valve (not included). The Gauge2Port™ is powder coated a light grey. NEE # Description GAUGE2PORT 2” M NPT x 2” F NPT, including a 2” flange for the FTI Mass Measurement Gauge. Tank Probe Assemblies NEE # Description For Tanks up to FT-PTPA-066 Tank Probe (gauge & transmitter) 66” ID. FT-PTPA-084 84” ID. FT-PTPA-132 132” ID. FT-PTPA-160 160” ID. FT-PTPA-240 240” ID. NEE # Description For Tanks up to FT-PTPA-360 Tank Probe (gauge & transmitter) 360” ID. FT-PTPA-480 480” ID. FT-PTPA-600 600” ID. FT-PTPA-720 720” ID. FT-PTPA-780 780” ID. Wireless LP Gas Tank Level Monitor Manage will calls more effectively with this stand-alone wireless level indicator. It may seem small, but the RS-228 Wireless LP Gas Tank Level Meter provides a huge convenience for your customers. It gives them an accurate and up-to-date tank level reading anytime, from the comfort of their homes. That means they no longer have to remember to go outside and check their tank. And it means they will no longer have to make emergency calls to you to fill up an empty tank. It is a convenience for them and a real money saver for you. Designed for stationary applications only. Features:  With a 100’ range, the RS-228 allows you to monitor your tank level from inside your home/office  Displays tank level both with a graph and with percent (%) full.  Low tank level alarm.  Low battery indicator for inside and outside units.  Remote transmitter has a switch that allows accurate tank level readings for both vertical and horizontal LP gas tanks.  Requires a Rochester remote ready dial for your tank gauge. Installation:  Just install the batteries furnished with the unit.  Base Station (inside) requires 2 AAA alkaline batteries.  Transmitter (outside) requires 2 AA alkaline batteries (Lithium for longer life in cold weather).  Mount in a window with clear line of sight with the tank within a maximum distance of 150 ft. NEE # Description RS-228 Wireless LP Gas Tank Level Meter PRESSURE & LEVEL GAUGES