NEE Propane & Natural Gas Equipment Catalogue

CANADA’S LEADER IN ENERGY PRODUCTS EQUIPMENT LEVEL INDICATORS Rochester Gauges Rochester Magnetel Gauges Magnetel gauges are designed to accurately determine the percentage of tank volume in stationary storage applications. UL Listed for LP and NH3 applications, they incorporate a zinc-plated steel counterbalance and an Alinco magnet with the head and all other wetted parts constructed of 300 type stainless steel. Gauges include gasket and a set of 8 mounting studs and nuts. Custom gauges are available for specific tank configurations and products of various chemicals and densities. NEE # Description Dial Size Mount Type For Tank Size C6339-00011-129 Magnetel with Combo dial (LP & NH3) 4” Side, end or angle 129” Tank C6342-00011-84 8” 84” Tank C6342-00011-108 108” Tank C6342-00011-129 129” Tank Gauges for other tank sizes are available. Contact NEE for details and requirements not listed here. Rochester Rough Rider Gauges include an exclusive spring steel shock absorber designed to withstand the vibration of mobile service applications. Rochester Magnetel Rough Rider Gauges NEE # Description Dial Size Mount Type For Tank Size M6339-00012-55 Mobile Magnetel for crude oil transport applications 4” Side, end or angle 55” tank M6339-00012-75 75” tank M6339-00012-76 76” tank M6339-00012-82 82” tank M6339-00012-85 85” tank M6339-00012-90 90” tank M6342-00012-76 8” 76” tank CM6339-00011-36 Magnetel with Combo dial (LP & NH3) 4” 36” Tank CM6339-00011-55 55” Tank CM6339-00011-60 60” Tank CM6339-00011-66 66” Tank CM6339-00011-69 69” Tank CM6339-00011-72 72” Tank CM6339-00011-76 76” Tank CM6339-00011-79 79” Tank CM6339-00011-80 80” Tank CM6339-00011-82 82” Tank CM6339-00011-84 84” Tank CM6339-00011-886 88.6” Tank CM6339-00011-90 90” Tank CM6339-00011-95 95” Tank CM6339-00011-96 96” Tank CM6339-00011-101 101” Tank CM6342-11-108 8” 108” Tank DM6342-00011-62 Magnetel for CO2 applications 62” Tank DM6342-00011-88 88” Tank DM6342-00011-90 6” 90” Tank DM6342-00011-99 8” 99” Tank PRESSURE & LEVEL GAUGES