NEE Propane & Natural Gas Equipment Catalogue

CANADA’S LEADER IN ENERGY PRODUCTS EQUIPMENT SHUTDOWN SYSTEMS SQUIBB TAYLOR REMOTE SHUTDOWN SYSTEM RSD Remote Shutdown & Cable Control for TDU Flexible High End Modular Design - Minimal Installation Time Squibb-Taylor is now offering a highly reliable modular shutdown system for bobtail delivery trucks. The six function RSD-6 offers PTO, throttle, hose reel unwind, and an auxiliary channel, in addition to the emergency shutdown and query features of the RSD-2. Transmitter Features: • Powerful FM modulated and easily capable of 300 foot range • Weatherproof, extremely rugged • Active battery test indication with every transmission • Operates on two AAA standard alkaline batteries • Weighs only 5.6 oz and easily adapts to pouch/belt carriers • Individual security codes assure reliable interference- free operation of only intended receiver(s) Receiver Features: • Latching emergency shut-down requiring system reset after activation • Can learn up to 15 different transmitters • User enable/disable AQuery@ feature available to ensure driver possession of transmitter at all times {Patent Pending} • Remote bracket-mounted antenna • External system status indicator RSD Dual-Function or Multi-Function Safety Systems Non-Modular Economical Design • RSD systems provide high-end design, featuring reliability at low-end prices. • Every system is equipped with the Hands On query feature, whether you use it or not. It enables you to turn on the Hands On timer based on any mechanical, electrical or pneumatic event on the vehicle. Typically it is turned on only when product transfer operations guarantee that the shutdown transmitter is carried by the driver and that it is in working order. RSD-BV1 Manual Tank Valve Remote Shut-down Actuator • Mounts in line with your manual tank valve emergency shut-off system • Generates over 55 pounds of cable force for extremely reliable operation. • Designed and built rugged to last in the harshest of environments • Unique bracket design allows attachment on top, side or bottom of mounting surface. NEE # System Type Note RSD2-OCR Remote Shutdown No air RSD2-ODR With air and query NEE # System Type Note RSD2-XDO Remote Shutdown With Air Solenoid RSD2-XDR With Air Solenoid & relay