NEE Propane & Natural Gas Equipment Catalogue

CANADA’S LEADER IN ENERGY PRODUCTS EQUIPMENT REGULATORS COMMERCIAL & INDUSTRIAL REGULATORS High & Low Pressure Regulators for Large Loads Fisher CS Series Low Pressure Regulators The CS200, CS400 & CS800 Series direct-operated, spring-loaded regulators were engineered to fit a myriad of pressure-reducing applications. The CS200 & CS400 models include commercial & industrial installations, while the CS800 model includes low pressure commercial service installations. Flexibility is provided by the many body sizes, outlet pressure settings & orifice sizes. Ease of maintenance & installation is a strength of the CS200 Series, offering a 360° rotation of the actuator via the union ring connection between the body & casing. The combination of the 360° rotatable union ring/upper casing provides a simplified vent position, especially in tight spaces or awkward installations. To provide further flexibility, the CS200/400/800 Series regulators offer overpressure protection via internal relief. Secondary Seat ™ Protection is an available option. Additional downstream pressure protection may be required based on application circumstances. CS800 Series regulators can accommodate up to 21,600,000 BTU per hour/243 SCMH of flow capacity and are available in 1-1/2” & 2” body sizes with 8” W.C. to 5.5 psig pressure ranges. NEE # BTU Capacity Inlet / Outlet Connection Orifice Size Spring Range Set Pressure Features CS200IR-6CC1 2,194,000 3/4” F NPT 1/2” 6-8” W.C. 11” W.C. With Standard Internal Relief CS200IR-6EC1 2,546,000 10-14” W.C. CS200IR-6FC1 12-19” W.C. CS200IR-6HC1 3,685,700 1-2” PSI CS200IR-6CC3 3,252,000 1” F NPT 6-8” W.C. CS200IR-6FC3 12-19” W.C. CS200IR-6EC3 3,761,000 10-14” W.C. CS200IR-6HC3 5,406,000 1-2” PSI CS200IR-6CC6 3,840,000 1 1/4” F NPT 6-8” W.C. CS200IR-6EC6 10-14” W.C. CS200IR-6FC6 12-19” W.C. CS200IR-6HC6 7,680,000 1-2” PSI CS400IR-8EC6 6,867,000 3/4” 10-14” W.C. CS400IR-8EC7 7,600,000 1 1/2” F NPT CS400IR-8EC8 2” F NPT CS800IR-8CC7 10,200,000 1 1/2” F NPT 1” 8-12” W.C. CS800IR-8CC8 21,600,000 2” F NPT Repair Kits NEE # For Model # R627X000A12 627-5810 / 6210 / 7710 NEE # For Model # R630X000L22 630-104 / 78 Fisher Industrial Automatic Changeover Assemblies & Manifolds Changeover Assemblies (Manifold & Final Stage Regulator) Fisher Commercial Changeover Assemblies are designed for large capacity multi-cylinder or tank installations such as bakeries, motels, restaurants and crop dryers. The 64SR-122 first stage manifold consists of the two 64 series regulators and a direct mounted 803 indicator. NEE # BTU Capacity Inlet Connection Outlet Connection Adjustment Range Factory Setting Features 64SR-122 1,210,000 1/2” F NPT 1/2” F NPT 5 - 20 PSI 10 PSIG With internal relief Fisher Commercial Changeover Manifolds are intended for use with second stage regulators and/or separate relief devices which provide the overpressure protection required by code. The capacity of these manifolds is dependent on the size of the second stage regulator used in the piping system. Changeover Manifolds (Manifolds Only) NEE # BTU Capacity Inlet Connection Outlet Connection Supply Setting Reserve Setting Features R110-21 500,000 1/4” Inv Flare 1/4” F NPT 15 PSI 7 PSI With indicator 749B-21 1,500,000 1/2” F NPT 1/2” F NPT 5 PSI Two 64 series regs CS200 Series CS400 Series CS800 Series R110-21 749B-21