NEE Propane & Natural Gas Equipment Catalogue

CANADA’S LEADER IN ENERGY PRODUCTS EQUIPMENT ELECTRIC SOLENOID VALVES Electric Solenoid Valves - AC & DC - 7000 Series 7000 Series products have been designed to offer customers the ultimate in performance, versatility and quality. Every valve is engineered for optimal operation, is constructed with modern machinery that uses stringent processes, and provides standard features not offered in any competitive line. Note: All Hazardous VAC Coils are based on 10 watt capacities, with 18” leads The Skinner 7000 Series numbering system was designed with our customer in mind. It is a significant numbering system that allows every user an easy method to select, identify and understand the product being purchased. It provides a complete description of every value, and makes specification, cross referencing, and substitute work a simple task. Below is a complete set of numbering system codes. The codes apply to three major value components: the pressure vessel, enclosure and coil. A complete valve number, including all available options will always be 20 digits in length. Description of Significant Digits PRESSURE VESSEL NUMBERING 2 – WAY VALVES (For reference only. Consult catalogue listings for available combinations) 7000 Series Technical Information SOLENOID & BALL VALVES