NEE Propane & Natural Gas Equipment Catalogue

CANADA’S LEADER IN ENERGY PRODUCTS EQUIPMENT CYLINDER & TANK VALVES MULTI VALVES Sherwood 2030/2035 Series Multi Valves for DOT Cylinders & ASME Tanks Sherwood Multi Valves incorporate a vapour service valve, 1-3/4” ACME double back check fill valve, 80% liquid level indicator and relief device in one valve. They are typically used in 100 to 420 Lb. DOT cylinders and 123 USWG ASME tanks equipped with a single opening. Relief valve settings of 250 PSI are for ASME rated tanks and 375 PSI is for DOT Cylinders . These valves are now equipped with an exclusive “ Gas Check Ready ” feature incorporating a 1/8” NPT gauge port downstream of the shut-off seat that allows the serviceman to perform numerous tests including: • System Leak Testing • Out of Gas – Pressure Testing • Service Valve Seat Testing • Complete Gas Check Testing; (without breaking the gas tight service connection) Replaces test block gauge adapters and is compatible with all first stage regulators on the market. Utilizes the Presto-Tap Schrader Valve, which is available separately. (** Item #’s with a “T” in the part # code utilize this feature) Features: • Spray-fill design for fast filling • Teflon-coated stem assemblies for long life • Optional Everseal thread coating for reduced installation costs. Note: Substitute PVE for PV for the Everseal option. NEE # Inlet Siz Relief Setting Outlet Dip Tube Length Application Repair Kit PV2030BC-11.6 3/4” NGT 375 PSI POL 11.6” Up to 200 # Cylinders 2030-100-KIT, 3329-13LH-KIT PV2035AT-11.1 1” NGT 11.1” Up to 400 # Cylinders 2035-100-KIT, 3250-8LH-KIT PV2035AT-11.6 11.6” PV2035AT-11.7 11.7” PV2035AT250-11.1 250 PSI 11.1” 123 # ASME Tanks PV2035AT250-12.0 12.0” PVE2035AT250-11.6 11.6” Sherwood 2033/2034 Series Multi Valves Sherwood PV2033 and PV2034 series valves are used in ASME tanks that are equipped with separate relief and fill valves. Valves with a DB suffix incorporate a Dual Bonnet feature that allows a leaking stem and bonnet assembly to be repaired without interrupting the gas service. PV2033 valves are used in applications that utilize vapour equalizing when tank filling. The PV2034 is used when vapour equalizing is not required. NEE # Inlet Size Vapour Return Valve Outlet Dip Tube Length Dual Bonnet Feature Repair Kit PV2033CLDBT-12.6 3/4” NGT Yes - 1 1/4” ACME POL 12.6” Yes 2033-100-KIT, 6775-60-KIT PV2033CLT-12.6 No 2033-100-KIT PVE2034CLT-11.8 No 11.8” 3329-13LH-KIT Cavagna Multi Valves NEE # Inlet Size Relief Setting Outlet Dip Tube Length Application 67-0808-11.6 3/4” NGT 375 PSI POL 11.6” 100 - 200 # DOT Cylinders 67-0808-8.5 8.5” 67-0720-12.6 No Relief Valve 12.6” Vapour Equalizing ASME Tanks 80-3135-11.1 11.0” 420 # DOT Cylinders PV2030BC PV2035A PV2034CL PV2033L 67-0720