NEE Propane & Natural Gas Equipment Catalogue

CANADA’S LEADER IN ENERGY PRODUCTS EQUIPMENT CYLINDER & TANK VALVES VAPOUR & LIQUID SERVICE VALVES, LIFT TRUCK CONNECTORS Vapour Cylinder Valves NEE # Type Inlet Size Relief Valve Setting Outlet Dip Tube Length Application Repair Kit PV3250AD-7 Sherwood 3/4” NGT No Relief POL None 200 and 420 Lb Cylinders 3250-8LH-KIT PV3250CLM-11.6 375 PSI CGA 555 11.6” 100 Lb Cylinders Liquid Withdrawal PVE3250BC-312 312 PSI POL None ASME Motor Fuel Tanks 3329-13LH-KIT PVE3250C-375 375 PSI 100 Lb Cylinders 3250-8LH-KIT PVE3250CLG10.6 10.6” PVE3250CLG11.6 11.6” PVE3250CLG9.6 9.6” PVE3329BLGT-11.0 No Relief 11.0” 200 and 420 Lb Cylinders 3329-13LH-KIT PVE3329BLGT-11.1 11.1” PVE3329BLGT-11.7 11.7” ME9101C1 Marshall Excelsior None ME9101C1BRK 80-2146 Cavagna - 80-3135-11.1 11.0” 80-3135-11.7 420 Lb Cylinders V13380 SCG 100# 375 PSI None 100 Lb Cylinders V20643 9.6” * ME9101C5 comes complete with a 2.6 GPM Excess Flow Valve Marshall Excelsior Cylinder Valves are intended for use in vapour withdrawal service for ASME and DOT containers or as fuel line shutoff valves. Comes complete with: One piece forged brass body construction, dual o‐ring packing design, universal (easy to repair) bonnet assembly and heavy duty replaceable zinc hand wheel. Cavagna Cylinder Valves are designed for vapour or liquid withdrawal service on ASME containers. Comes complete with heavy duty rugged forging, double o-ring seal for longer valve life, easy to grip large handwheel. Sherwood Cylinder Valves for DOT cylinders incorporate an integral relief valve, forged brass body, non-rising nylon seat and a Teflon-coated stem assembly to ensure long operating life and a positive back seat. Valves with a PVE prefix are supplied with Everseal thread sealant as standard for reduced installation costs. The 3250AD and 3329BLGT series valves are used as a vapour service valve on DOT cylinders equipped with a separate relief valve. The 3250AD-7 valve, in particular, comes complete with a pre-tapped pressure test port. SCG 100# Cylinder Valves come only in the 100 lb - POL variety, with diptube option. SCG #100 Series ME9101C1 PV3250BC-312 PV3250AD-7 PVE3329BLGT