NEE Propane & Natural Gas Equipment Catalogue

NATIONAL TOLL FREE DIRECTORY 1-866-574-5100 | ON THE WEB HEATERS EASY RADIANT INFRA-RED TUBE HEATERS Car Wash Heaters Designed for car washes and other high moisture applications. Certified to Canadian Gas Association standards by ITL. All units come complete with flexible gas connector, flex duct, combustion air wall cap. Available in inputs from 60,000 to 200,000 BTU’s and over all lengths from 20 to 80 ft. Contact NEE for specifications on sizes not listed. Features: • Corrosion resistant stainless steel control housing. • Primary and secondary tubes are manufactured from high temperature moisture resistant steel to prevent corrosion. • Permanently sealed moisture resistant blower motor. • Fully automatic controls with hot surface ignition. • Radiant tubes treated with high temperature, high emissive, black coating, to maximize radiant efficiency. • Aluminum reflectors to maximize radiant output to the floor and equipment (optional side reflectors available). • Factory installed and sealed outside combustion air adapter. • A 120 Volt or 24 Volt thermostat control allows for connection to remote sensing stats or coin operated switching. • 3 Year Warranty. NEE # BTU Fuel Type Length Model Type EZU-75-10CW 75,000 LP 12’ U-Shaped EZ-75-20CW 22’ Straight EZ-100-30CW 100,000 32’ NEE # BTU Fuel Type Length Model Type EZ-125-40CW 125,000 LP 42’ Straight EZ-150-50CW-NG 150,000 NG 52’ EZ-200-70CW 200,000 72’ Note: Available in Natural Gas or Propane. Specify your choice when ordering. EZ Duzzit Garage Heaters Designed for horizontal or angle mounting. Pre-wired burner with 3-prong plug for easy 120 Volt wiring. Approved for mounting as low as 7 ft. from the floor. Features:  Hot surface Glo-Bar ignition with Honeywell Self-Diagnostic Electronic Module  High radiant efficiency  Totally enclosed burner  Simple one man installation  24 Volt thermostat  Hanging chain and exhaust vent cap included  3 Year Warranty NEE # BTU Fuel Type Length Model Type ED-40S 40,000 Specify NG or LP 22’ Straight NEE # BTU Fuel Type Length Model Type ED-40U 40,000 Specify NG or LP 11.5’ U-Shaped Note: Available in Natural Gas or Propane. Specify your choice when ordering. Heatwave Garage Heaters These garage heaters are the safe and efficient solution for heating your garage or workshop space. With a totally enclosed combustion chamber, there are no pilot lights or open flames. This heater burns up to 50% less gas than forced air and it is affordable with low fuel and installation costs. Approved to meet all CSA standards, it is accepted for garages and workshops by insurance companies, Fire Marshalls and other government agencies. Includes hanging chain, flexible gas connector, 24V wall mounted thermostat, 5’ of balanced flue venting and wall termination. Approved for residential garage applications with ceiling heights as low as 8 feet. Comes factory assembled, ready to hang right out of the box. 3 Year Warranty. NEE # BTU Fuel Type Length GH-40P 25,000 Specify NG or LP 8’ NEE # BTU Fuel Type Length GH-40N 40,000 Specify NG or LP 8’