NEE Propane & Natural Gas Equipment Catalogue

CANADA’S LEADER IN ENERGY PRODUCTS EQUIPMENT SPACE HEATERS & WALL FURNACES Direct Vent and Vented Counterflow Wall Furnaces DVC-35-P and FAW40 may be recessed between standard wall studs. DV-55-P and DVC-35-P install on outside walls. FAW-55 and FAW-40 install on inside or outside walls. Total comfort for the fraction of the cost of electric heat. Features : • Matchless piezo ignition • Convenient 24-Volt wall thermostat included • Front panels remove easily for cleaning and servicing • Counter flow blower circulates warmth at floor level • Multi-Room heating capacity with optional outlet kits • 76% A.F.U.E. NEE # BTU Fuel Type Height Width Depth Weight Color Temperature Control DVC35-N 35,000 NG 72 1/2” 14 1/8” 10 3/8” 115 lbs (Shipping) Beige Electric 24-Volt Wall Thermostat DVC35-P LP FAW-40-NG 40,000 NG 110 lbs (Shipping) FAW-40-P LP FAW-55-NG 55,000 NG 82 3/8” 16” 11 5/16” 135 lbs (Shipping) FAW-55-P LP DV55-NG NG 140 lbs (Shipping) DV55-P LP Note: Available in Natural Gas or Propane. Specify your choice when ordering. Accessories NEE # Description DV-651 Vent Enclosure 14” for FAW55 DV-665 Vent Enclosure 24” for FAW55 FVE-24 Vent Enclosure 24” for FAW40 FVE-34 Vent Enclosure 34” for FAW40 DV-666 Vent Enclosure 36” for FAW55 FVE-46 Vent Enclosure 46” for FAW40 DV-725 Vent Cap (for DV55) NEE # Description DV-648 Oval to Round Offset Adapter 4WV-4RV Oval to Round Offset Adapter Required for FAW Series DV-600 Vent Kit (for DV55) SOR-1 Register, Side Outlet for DV and FAW Models SOK-1 Side Outlet Kit and 10” Boot Assembly with Register ROK-1 Rear Outlet Kit for FAW Series DV-822 Vinyl Siding Kit for all DV Models DV55 DVC35 FAW-40 FAW-55 HEATERS