NEE Propane & Natural Gas Equipment Catalogue

NATIONAL TOLL FREE DIRECTORY 1-866-574-5100 | ON THE WEB SPACE HEATERS & WALL FURNACES Direct Vent Wall Furnaces (DV Series) Empire Heat larger areas with Empire’s DV25 and DV35 Direct-Vent wall furnaces. Delivering room-filling warmth, each furnace is stylishly crafted and fits against an outside wall. A push of the button ignites the pilot with a “matchless” piezo system. Add an optional internal blower for even greater circulation. Each unit contains an automatic shut-off valve should the pilot light become extinguished. Empire’s secret to quieter operation is the uniquely designed burner. As gas enters the burner port, it is ignited immediately, which eliminates delayed ignition noise and gives you quieter operation. Cost efficient installation since no chimney is needed. Includes vent kit to vent through outside wall, millivolt thermostat and Installation template. NEE # BTU Fuel Type Height Width Depth Weight Color Temperature Control DV10-NG 10,000 NG 21 3/8” 16 1/4” 9 3/8” 42 lbs (Shipping) Beige Millivolt DV10-P LP DV15-NG 15,000 NG 24 7/8” 20 1/4” 60 lbs (Shipping) DV15-P LP DV25-NG 25,000 NG 27 3/4” 37” 11 1/2” 98 lbs (Shipping) DV25-P LP DV35-NG 35,000 NG 101 lbs (Shipping) DV35-P LP Note: Available in Natural Gas or Propane. Specify your choice when ordering. Accessories NEE # Description DVB-1 Blower Kit (for DV10/DV15) DRB-1 Blower Kit (for DV-25/DV-35) DV-822 Vinyl Siding Vent Kit for all DV Models NEE # Description VSK1-1 Vinyl Siding Vent Kit (for DV10/DV15) VSK2-1 Vinyl Siding Vent Kit (for DV25/DV35/DV55/DVC35) DV10 Series DV35 Series HEATERS