NEE Propane & Natural Gas Equipment Catalogue

CANADA’S LEADER IN ENERGY PRODUCTS EQUIPMENT HEATERS BROMIC ELECTRIC HEATERS Tungsten Smart-Heat™ Electric Heaters Witness the art of smart-heating with Bromic Heating’s new Tungsten Smart-Heat™ Electric line, an infrared electric heater blending aesthetics with function. The Tungsten Smart-Heat™ Electric model is stylishly designed to provide efficient directional heating for commercial and residential locations. Available in 4 models of varying heating power and compatible with smart control systems to enable precise dimming control. Included are wall and ceiling mounting brackets to allow adjustable angle of the heating direction with simple one-touch on/off switch. Heaters are equipped with a spectral reflector for excellent radiant heat output and are weatherproof. NEE # Power Heating Area Electrical Connection Height Width Depth Weight Finish BH0420002 2000W 100 sq. ft. 220V 8 1/2” 44” 3 1/2” 20 lbs Black BH0420003 3000W 130 sq. ft. 56” 22 lbs BH0420004 4000W 160 sq. ft. 44” 20 lbs BH0420005 6000W 56” 22 lbs BH0420010 2000W 65 sq. ft. 44” 20 lbs White BH0420011 3000W 56” 22 lbs BH0420012 4000W 100 sq. ft. 44” 20 lbs BH0420013 6000W 130 sq. ft. 56” 22 lbs