NEE Propane & Natural Gas Equipment Catalogue

NATIONAL TOLL FREE DIRECTORY 1-866-574-5100 | ON THE WEB CYLINDER & TANK VALVES QCC TYPE 1 OPD CYLINDER VALVES OPD Cylinder Valves D.O.T. & T.C. Propane cylinders up to 40 Lbs capacity manufactured or recertified after January 1st 2008 must be equipped with an OPD valve. The patented Sureflame valve incorporates the OPD feature as well as a float gauge mechanism that accurately displays the cylinder volume, making it easy to know if it’s “Time to Grill or Time to Fill”. Features:  A back check module that prevents the flow of gas unless a connection is made  A unique 1- 5/16” right hand male ACME thread(CGA connection 791), designed specifically for thermally protected female connectors  Internal POL threads to allow older POL devices to be connected  Relief valve capacity rated for cylinders up to 40 Lb  A triangular handwheel on OPD valves for easy identification Note: As required by code, all OPD Valves are built with non-repairable stem & bonnet assemblies. NEE # Dip Tube Length Application V21113 3.0 5# Cylinders V21130 3.6 10#, 11# Cylinders V21109 4.0 20# Cylinders 80-8180 20# Cylinders, with outage V21463 20# Cylinders, with Sureflame gauge feature, without dial NEE # Dip Tube Length Application V21464L 4.0 20# Cylinders, with Sureflame gauge feature, with dial V20691 4.7 30# Cylinders 150361 - 30# Cylinders, with Sureflame gauge feature V21110 6.5 40# Cylinders