NEE Propane & Natural Gas Equipment Catalogue

CANADA’S LEADER IN ENERGY PRODUCTS EQUIPMENT HEATERS BROMIC PORTABLE GAS HEATERS Tungsten Smart-Heat™ Portable Heater An excellent combination of design, utility, and efficiency, the Bromic Tungsten Smart-Heat ®Portable Gas Radiant Outdoor Heater is a safe and effective way to spot-heat your dining or bar areas outside! The Tungsten Smart-Heat™ Portable Gas Radiant Heater is the synthesis of cutting edge design, world-first engineering, and practical functionality. This heater can be adjusted to supply between 21,300 and 38,500 BTUs in a 180 sq. ft. area to keep customers warm during chilly evenings. The Tungsten Portable Heaters are up to 300% more efficient than traditional products. A simple repetitive spark ignitor guarantees reliable activation, while the high intensity ceramic burner delivers optimal heat with minimal heat loss. Adjustable heat controls and head let you set comfortable heat to a specific area, while the exterior is designed specifically for wind resistance to help heat reach its destination. For easy maneuverability, the whole heater is mounted on casters so it can easily be moved to and from storage, and it can also be quickly disassembled and stored during the off-season. A built-in flame failure mechanism helps prevent mechanical malfunction, and thanks to its anti-tilt structure, you can be sure that once it is seated, this heater will remain sturdy and in place. Operators enjoy lower running costs and higher wind resistance, while patrons benefit from the gentler spread of warmth and subtle styling. NEE # Heating Area BTU Ignition Fuel Type Height Width Depth Weight BH0510001 180 sq. ft. 21,000 - 38,500 1.5V Repetitive Spark Ignitor LP 85 1/5” 19 1/6” 27 3/5” 124 lbs BROMIC HEATER ACCESSORIES Ceiling Mount Pole NEE # Size For Models BH3030003 9 11/16” All gas models BH3030004 13 5/8” BH3030005 17 9/16” BH3030006 25 7/16” BH3030007 33 5/16” BH3030008 41 3/16” Heat Deflectors NEE # Description For Models BRH BH3030001 Low Clearance 300 Series BRH BH3030002 500 Series Mounting Bracket Sets NEE # Type For Models BRH BH8180008 Short Tungsten Electric NEE # Type For Models BRH BH8180009 Long Tungsten Electric