NEE Propane & Natural Gas Equipment Catalogue

NATIONAL TOLL FREE DIRECTORY 1-866-574-5100 | ON THE WEB HEATERS STERLING UNIT HEATERS TF and GG Power Vented Unit Heaters The TF Series is the latest addition to Sterling’s line of energy efficient Gas-Fired Unit Heaters . A propeller type unit heater, it combines the latest tubular heat exchanger and inshot burner technology with the quality and reliability you have come to know with Sterling. Available in two cabinet styles, Low Profile (sizes 30 - 90 MBH) and Vertical type (150 - 400 MBH.) The GG Series Gas Fired Unit Heaters conform to the latest AGA and CGA certification standards for installations in residential garages. The “GG” unit is a tubular design propeller only offered in a low profile style ranging from (sizes 30 - 120 MBH), making it ideal for all applications. Features:  20 gauge tubular heat exchangers  20 gauge jacket panels with baked enamel finish  ‘Inshot’ burners (for TF Units)  Single orifice burner (for GG Units)  Direct spark ignition system  Power vented  Easy access control panel  Certified for category I and III venting  81% thermal efficiency  10 year Heat Exchanger Warranty  For GG Units-- Field convertible to separated combustion with concentric kit addition NEE # BTU Fuel Type Free Air Delivery (CFM) Motor HP Flue Size Diameter Weight TF150-NG 150,000 Specify NG or LP 2,400 1/4 5” 155 lbs TF200-NG 200,000 3,200 1/3 201 lbs TF250-NG 250,000 3,450 211 lbs TF300-NG 300,000 5,000 (2) 1/4 6” 307 lbs TF300-P 307 lbs GG30-NG 30,000 370 1/20 4” 70 lbs NEE # BTU Fuel Type Free Air Delivery (CFM) Motor HP Flue Size Diameter Weight GG45-NG 45,000 Specify NG or LP 550 1/20 4” 75 lbs GG60-NG 60,000 740 1/12 90 lbs GG75-NG 75,000 920 85 lbs GG90-NG 90,000 1,100 1/10 110 lbs GG105-NG 105,000 1,300 115 lbs GG120-NG 120,000 1,475 120 lbs QVEF Propeller Type Units The Sterling Enerpak Propeller Type Unit Heaters achieve 80% thermal efficiency and annual fuel savings of 20 to 25% over conventional gravity vented heaters. Enerpak features a factory installed power venter & sealed flue collector that controls combustion and excess air during the on-cycle. Heated air no longer escapes through a draft diverter opening during the off-cycle. Energy saving spark ignition reduces gas losses; the pilot only operates when required. Horizontal power venting allows side wall venting, smaller openings and single walled vent pipe, reducing heat loss. Higher efficiencies can reduce equipment and material costs as well as installation time. Features:  Aluminized steel heat exchanger - 20 gauge  Optional 409 and 321 stainless steel heat exchangers  Equipped with two motors and two fans for optimum air distribution  Adjustable horizontal louvers shall be provided for directing air flow  Available in Natural Gas or Propane  Easy burner access with individual removable burners  Standard Pilot Burner  10 year warranty  Fire factory tested Assembly/Replacement Parts and Kits NEE # Description J35R08510 Power Venter (Assembly Incl.); Gasket 60,000 to 75,000 BTU J35R04581 Power Venter (Assembly Incl.); Gasket 90,000 to 120,000 BTU 507R04595 Venter Assembly for TF300/350/400 J35R04700 Venter Assembly for GG30/45/60/75 NEE # Description VC-4 4” Vent cap VC-5 5” Vent cap AS-X7-4 Concentric Vent Kit for GG030-075 AS-X7-5 Concentric Vent Kit for GG090-120 TF150 GG75