NEE Propane & Natural Gas Equipment Catalogue

CANADA’S LEADER IN ENERGY PRODUCTS EQUIPMENT RESIDENTIAL APPLIANCES PROPANE REFRIGERATORS Bar Fridge This 3-Way Fridge allows you to utilize it in a variety of different applications. Naturally, it can be used on LPG mode for off-grid use, but also 12V for use in the truck on the way to your cottage/camping. It can also be used on 110V, so that in the event that the power goes out, you still have refrigeration capabilities (using it on LPG as a failsafe option). Features: • Energy Sipper - The fridge only uses approximately 0.7 lbs of propane per day... Think about it - a 20 lb LPG tank would last a month! • Side Handles - Side handles allow for ease of portability NEE # Model Name Description Capacity Power CO Monitor Gas Consumption Per Hour Color Weight Dimensions (H x W x D) UGP-3-SM UNIQUE 3, 3-Way Fridge Thermostat, Front Mounted Controls, Flame Indicator, Piezo Igniter, Side Handles for Easy Carrying, Door Shelf (Holds 2 Litre Bottles) 3.0 cu ft / 0.4 cu ft LP No 0.7 lbs / 896 BTU White 86 lbs 30-1/4” x 20-1/4” x 23-3/4” UGP-3B- SM Black Solar Fridge/Freezer The Steca 5.9 Solar Fridge/Freezer is a tremendously exciting addition to Unique’s line- up. This DC (12V or 24V) appliance has a programmable digital thermostat that allows it to operate as either a fridge or a freezer - your choice, depending upon your needs over time… All in one cabinet. It is also incredibly energy efficient. For example, operating as a fridge, in an average application, it consumes approximately 90 watt/hours of power per day – Less than a 100 watt light bulb operating for an hour!! Features: • Modernistic, lockable fridge or freezer in one cabinet • Fully Programmable Digital Display from -20C/-4F to +12C/54F • A++ cooling technology - Very, very low energy use • Patented “StopFrost”- Reduces Humidity in air intake - Up To 70% Less Frost/ Frostburn • Power Outage Display- Including Audible Alarm, Flashing Symbol and highest temperature reached • Integrated Cold Storage Accumulator - Maintains cold for many hours, if no electricity • 3 Freezer trays, 2 hanging baskets modern appearance • Low-voltage disconnect NEE # Model Name Description Capacity Power Gas Consumption Per Hour Color Weight Dimensions (H x W x D) UGP5.9-STECA STECA 5.9 Solar Fridge/ Freezer Fridge or Freezer in one Cabinet, 12V & 24V DC Only (Automatic Selection), Easy cleaning & Runs on a single 85W module in most climates 5.9 cu ft Solar Panel Fridge: 57-110 Watt Hours/Day Freezer: 300-570 Watt Hours/Day White 134 lbs 36” x 34 1/2” x 28”