NEE Propane & Natural Gas Equipment Catalogue

CANADA’S LEADER IN ENERGY PRODUCTS EQUIPMENT CYLINDER & TANK VALVES LIFT TRUCK CYLINDER & MOTORFUEL TANK VALVES Fork Lift Cylinder Relief Valves Sherwood DOT/TC Cylinder Relief Valves for forklift cylinders have a 375 PSI setting and must be installed with a Pipe-away adapter in order to ensure that any discharge is directed away from the operator when the cylinder is in use. The PV435L valve is a low profile valve designed for use in older cylinders that have a shorter coupling that causes the PV435A valve to bottom out. Marshall Excelsior Forklift Cylinder Relief Valves are designed for use on forklift cylinders and other DOT/TC Portable cylinders up to 122 pounds of LP-Gas capacity. The working components of the MEV75FIR valve are located inside the tank, reducing possible malfunction caused by outside debris or other foreign materials. Cavagna Forklift Relief Valves are UL Listed and designed for DOT/TC forklift cylinders. All Lift truck cylinders must have the relief valve replaced every 10 years with a new unused relief valve. Relief valve must be protected with a raincap when in service. NEE # Tank Connection Size Relief Valve Setting Notes 66-0248 3/4” NGT 375 PSI Safety Relief Valve MEV75FIR Longer Spring Fork Lift Cylinder Relief Valve Accessories NEE # Description 10-5038 Plastic plug & strap, for 3/4” - 66-0248 MEP175C Protective rain cap for MEV75FIR valve, with lanyard MEP175P Protective plug for MEV75FIR & MEH25 Series valves NEE # Description 435-45C Protective rain cap for PV435 Series valve or pipe-away 435-45 45º Pipe-away adapter, for PV435 435-90 90º Pipe-away adapter, for PV435 Dual Tank Connector The PV3866 combines a bulkhead with two check valves and a hydrostatic relief valve. This valve is designed to connect two motorfuel tanks to a single line that runs to the fuel lock-off and allows the two tanks to operate at the same time without product flowing from one tank to the other. NEE # Inlet Outlet PV3866 2 x 3/8” Male flare 3/8” Male Flare Bulkhead MEV75FIR 435-45 PV435A PV435L 435-45C 10-5038 66-0248