NEE Propane & Natural Gas Equipment Catalogue

NATIONAL TOLL FREE DIRECTORY 1-866-574-5100 | ON THE WEB OUTDOOR LEISURE PRODUCTS PATIO HEATERS Hi Intensity Infra Red Patio Heaters The “Equator” gas fired radiant patio heater is available in Propane or Natural gas and can be wall mounted or post mounted. The new attractive Equator hi intensity infra-red heater will increase the use and enjoyment of outdoor areas. The warm red glow of radiant heat attracts people to the outdoor area on cool days and evenings, times when the patio might otherwise be empty. The streamlined design blends in well with most any decor. Equator heaters are easily mounted on outdoor walls, under ceilings and on posts under awnings. Equator radiant heaters, like sunshine, warm people with quiet gentle heat. Radiant heat warms people and objects (like chairs and tables) rather than the air. These heaters are simple to operate, inexpensive to use and easy to maintain. Features:  Direct spark ignition  100% safety shut off  Natural gas or Propane fueled  Slim profile  Decorative safety grille  30/40,000 BTUs/hour  Weatherproof powder coated galvanized steel or stainless steel construction  Optional Hand-held remote control available  120/24 Volt transformer included  Optional wall, ceiling, 4 x 4 wooden post or 3” round post mounting brackets NEE # Description Fuel Type BTU Input HI-40-N-2 Hi-Temp powder coated galvanized steel (2 stage) Natural Gas 30,000 / 40,000 HI-40-P-2 Propane HI-40-NS-2 Stainless Steel (2 stage) Natural Gas HI-40-NS-2 Natural Gas HI-30-40-P-2BW Battery Powered Black Wireless Remote (2 stage) Propane HI-30-40-P-2SW Battery Powered Stainless Steel Wireless Remote (2 stage) Propane Options NEE # Description ERW-S Handheld Remote Sender- only for EAS ERW-R1 Receiver ERW-R1 24V Programmable Factory-Installed Receiver HI-ER-100 120V Plug-In Remote Sender/Receiver HI-RX-1R 24V Programmable Hand Held Remote & Factory Installed Receiver HI-POST Post Mounting Bracket for 3” steel post HI-WALL Wall / Ceiling Mounting Bracket NEE # Description HI-WOOD Post Mounting Bracket for 4x4 Wooden Post HI-10FT Aluminized steel post 10 ft x 3” diameter, 16 gauge, with gas supply access at the bottom PH-108B Inground post (black) for above 3” steel post PH-401 24” Flexible Neoprene Gas Connector, 1/2” M x 1/2” F PH-121B Black Basemount T for 3” Aluminized post PH-608B Decorative Black Basemount Cover