NEE Propane & Natural Gas Equipment Catalogue

NATIONAL TOLL FREE DIRECTORY 1-866-574-5100 | ON THE WEB CONSTRUCTION HEATERS & TORCHES CONSTRUCTION HEATERS Enerco Portable Heaters NEE # For Model # BTU Output Regulator Setting Fuel Type Heat areas up to F170700 HS35LP 35,000 22” WC LP 800 sq ft. F170800 HS125LP 125,000 7” WC 3,000 sq ft. F170850 HS125NG NG Portable Convection Heaters Temporary convection heat for construction sites, industrial/commercial workspaces, agricultural buildings, emergencies, workshops, remodeling jobs. Features:  Heater shuts off with loss of flame.  Sturdy base to prevent tip-over.  Piezo Ignition.  360º heat distribution.  Adjustable heat output control.  No electricity required. NEE # For Model # BTU Output Regulator Setting & Fuel Heat Areas up to F170480 HS80CV 30,000 - 80,000 11” WC / LPG 1,900 sq ft. F170485 HS80CVN 60,000 6” WC / NG (Regulator/hose not included) 1,400 sq ft. F170600 HS200CV 70,000 - 200,000 10 PSI / LPG 4,700 sq ft. Temporary radiant heat for construction sites, workshops, agricultural buildings, remodeling jobs, repair shops, loading docks, large open-sided tents, sporting events, sheds/barns, recreation areas. Features: • Piezo push-button ignition • Safety tip switch on HS35, quiet (no fan) • No electricity required • Rugged durable steel construction • Heats objects; not the air • Hose & regulator included on LP models F170850 (HS125NG) F170700 (HS35LP) F170800 (HS125LP) HS200 HS80