NEE Propane & Natural Gas Equipment Catalogue

CANADA’S LEADER IN ENERGY PRODUCTS EQUIPMENT CONSTRUCTION HEATERS & TORCHES TORCHES & BURNERS BernzoMatic Torch Trigger Start & Flame Control Adjusting knob for optimal gas consumption and heat output. Instant On-Off trigger improves fuel savings and convenience. Lock button keeps torch lit for finger-free use. Replaceable brass tip. Burn tip produces swirl flame for maximum heat output. Pressure regulated to burn in all directions. Cast aluminum body, stainless steel burn-tube, and brass burn-tip for durability. Features:  Trigger start or ease of lighting  Piston regulated to burn in all directions  Cast aluminum construction provides added durability  Adjustable flame for wide variety of applications  For use with propane or MAPP® fuel  Torch head only. Fuel/bottle not included NEE # Description TS7000T Trigger Start Adjustable/High Output Aluminum Torch Head Power Fire Torch Features: • Professional torch brazing copper pipes up to 35 mm high silver welding rods. Recommended for all types of soldering. • Flame shell. • Burner in stainless steel of 16 mm. • Venturi Effect for an optimal mix of gas / air. • Immediate start to push the button. • Piezo electric. • Fine adjustment of flame. • Special design for better grip. NEE # Connection Burner Length 254800000 M (14 x 1”) 16 mm Quick Disconnect Kits/Components NEE # Description HK-7 1/4” MNPT x FNPT- coupling & nipple NEE # Description HN-6 1/4” MNPT nipple (for HK-7)