NEE Propane & Natural Gas Equipment Catalogue

CANADA’S LEADER IN ENERGY PRODUCTS EQUIPMENT CONSTRUCTION HEATERS & TORCHES TORCHES & BURNERS Flare Stacks Flare Stacks allow you to evacuate bulk tanks, bobtails and other tanks quickly, safely and without venting raw propane into the atmosphere. The full-safety control features provide flare-off without worry. Great for flaring off tanks so you can change out valves and gauges, saving you time and money. Keep one on hand in case emergency flare-off is necessary. Comes with everything necessary, except the vapour cylinder for pilot torch operation. Features : • Electronic ignition and proof of flame. • Safety feature allows automatic relight attempt with complete shutdown if unsuccessful. • Flare liquid or vapour propane. • Flare Tower stands 12’ above the ground, keeping the flame at a safe distance. • 12’ power cord for 115 volt AC. • 20’ remote switch cord. • 25’ U.L. Listed evacuation hose with bulk adapter. • 10’ U.L. Listed Pilot Hose and Regulator. • Sturdy steel construction with stable triangular base. • Quick and easy setup. Note: Flare Stacks require local field approvals NEE # Description BTU Fuel Consumption @ Normal Operating Pressure PF-14LPS 3/8” Flare 38,000,000 416 GPH PF-16LPS 1/2” Flare 48,300,000 529 GPH