NEE Propane & Natural Gas Equipment Catalogue

CANADA’S LEADER IN ENERGY PRODUCTS EQUIPMENT GAS LIGHTS FALKS GAS LIGHTS Falk Gas Lights were designed for home, cottage, cabins, trailers, boats or wherever lighting is required, for everyday, decorative or emergency use. Falk lights have proven to be efficient and dependable for decades. Falk’s graceful curve design of solid polished brass highlights the quiet elegance of old world styling as well as providing a lifelong attractive finish. All Falk Gas Lights utilize a unique adjustable air shutter to maximize the brightest light even in the highest of places. One pound (lb) of propane lasts approximately 11 hours on a single light. NEE # Description Capacity Fuel Type 2703 Single Wall Light 1,900 BTU / HR 75 Watt Equivalent Specify NG or LP 2705 Double Wall Light 3,800 BTU / HR 150 Watt Equivalent 2707 Double Ceiling Pendant ACCESSORIES NEE # Description 3030 Porcelain Burner, Bayonet style 3034 Porcelain Burner, Screw-on style #10 Globe Holder #11 Globe Holder Screw #20S Globe Holder Spring #4 Globe Half Frosted #7-20 Orifice # 20 #7 Orifice # 25 M3773 Mantle G2545-2 Soft Mantle, Singles 270381 Mantle G3894-2PK Mantle, 2 pack M2557-2PK M3769 Pre Formed Mantle M3772 NEE # Description M7265 Screw-on Pre Formed Mantle G3777-2PK Mantle, 2 pack #2 10” Reflector #19S Air Sleeve Lock Screw #5 Valve Knob #6 Valve Knob Screw #25 2 Arm Brackets for 2707 #3 Bracket for 2703 #12 Asbestos Washer #26 Lead Washer #24 Down Pipe for 2707 GL00123 Down Pipe Extension with Connector #8 Bunsen Tube 2066 Needle Valve 2705 2703 2707 M3769 G3777-PK #4