NEE Propane & Natural Gas Equipment Catalogue

NATIONAL TOLL FREE DIRECTORY 1-866-574-5100 | ON THE WEB INNOVATIVE REMOTE TOILET SOLUTIONS ECOJOHN INNOVATIVE TOILET SOLUTIONS Waterless Incinerating Toilet SR Series The SR models are self-contained waterless toilets that use an ingenious incineration process to reduce waste into sterile ash. These “green” toilets are extremely efficient and they are very easy to operate and maintain. Since they require absolutely no water, these toilets help to save 1000’s of gallons of our earth’s precious water every year. The SR toilets are perfect for areas where plumbing connections or sewage systems are not available. The aesthetically pleasing design along with outstanding efficiency, have made them a very popular solution / alternative to today’s expensive septic tanks. The cost of running this unit is considerably low. Electricity usage is minimal since it only uses electricity to start the incineration process and run the auger. The incineration process starts up automatically and begins the burning cycles. Since these models burn all the waste after each usage, there will never be any waste left inside the toilet that can cause unpleasant odor. NEE # Power Source Fuel Type Capacity Heat Flow BTU/Hour Weight Applications SR5-P12 12V DC Propane 4-5 people 5kW 18,000 132 lbs Cabins/Cottages, House boats SR5-P120 120V AC SR12-D12 12V DC Diesel 8-10 people 15kW 50,000 230 lbs Work Sites, Bunkers, Basements, RVs SR12-P120 120V AC Propane SR12-N120 Natural Gas SR12-D120 Diesel Waterless Composting Toilets BASIC Series The BASIC Series includes waterless separating composting toilets that are ideal for temporary or remote applications. They have a simple design, yet looks very sleek, stylish and are very easy to install, operate, and maintain. The BASIC models are equipped with a separating, and drying feature, which is the first step in its composting process. The solid waste is collected in a special environmental box inside the toilet. The liquid waste is separated from the toilet through a special liquid waste hose. Underneath the waste box, there is a heating plate that dries out the waste material in the box; the heating plate is thermostatically controlled and it reaches a temperature where most bacteria die. When the box is full, one can easily take out the biodegradable bag and install a new one. The liquid waste is collected with a domestic wastewater system, or guided to a drain pit or to a container. NEE # Power Source Capacity Dimensions Weight BASIC-12 12V DC 8-10 people 34” L x 23” W x 25” H 45 lbs NEE # Power Source Capacity Dimensions Weight BASIC-120 120V AC 8-10 people 34” L x 23” W x 25” H 45 lbs Accessories & Options NEE # Description 1117-01 Toilet Bowl - Black Plastic 1117-02 Toilet Bowl - Stainless Steel 1125-01 Toilet Bowl Liners (100/BOX) 1155-01 Vent Fan 2220-01 Silicon Reducer 2221-01 Waste Hose 1” - Cost per Ft 2221-02 Waste Hose 1.5” - Cost per Ft 2223-02 No Smell Filter for Waste Tank 2225-01 Water Hose 3/4” - Cost per Ft 2256-01 Low Flush Toilet with Macerator and Water Pump 2256-02 Low Flush Toilet with Macerator and Solenoid 3303-02 Set of Waste Bags (8) NEE # Description 3325-01 Toilet Bowl Liners (200/BOX) 7703-01 Catalytic Converter 7760-100 Solar System with Charge Controller - 100W 7760-15 Solar System with Charge Controller - 15W 7760-30 Solar System with Charge Controller - 30W 8900-01 Hexagon Tool for Cleaning Lid 9405-01 2ft Chimney Pipe (6”) 9406-01 3ft Chimney Pipe (6”) 9407-01 4ft Chimney Pipe (6”) 9466-01 6” Elbow 30 Degrees (2x) 9467-01 6” T-Pipe with Cap