NEE Propane & Natural Gas Equipment Catalogue

CANADA’S LEADER IN ENERGY PRODUCTS EQUIPMENT ALTERNATIVE FUEL EQUIPMENT FUEL INJECTED EQUIPMENT ICOM Many U.S. OEM’s are utilizing Liquid Injection systems for their propane platforms. When propane is introduced into the combustion chamber as liquid (instead of vapour), we typically see more torque and horsepower, reduced emission and miles per gallon similar to gasoline. Valve wear concerns are reduced due to the cooling effect of the liquid injection. Another key advantage of liquid injection is the opportunity to run on dedicated LPG (mono-fuel) and eliminate gasoline with no concern of starting issues in colder climates and the ability to utilize the space taken up by the gasoline tank. This also ensures 100% use of LPG maximizing the available savings. ICOM, with its partners, brings over twenty-five years of experience as a world class manufacturer for the Propane Vehicle industry, with its innovative JTG II and JTG-Dynamic Systems and numerous products supplied to OEM’S and the aftermarkets worldwide. ICOM also holds the industry- leading 54 EPA Certifications, Canadian IGAC compliance, many Canadian Registered Tanks, numerous European EN67/01 Systems Certifications, and is an ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified company. The ICOM JTG System is configured to North American needs and standards, which CleanFuel USA utilizes in their LPI System for GM. The LPI System that powers the GM 8.1, GM 6.0, and Blue Bird Propane Vehicles, has achieved excellent emissions, torque, power and drivability, and obtained numerous EPA and CARB Certifications. ICOM North America is working closely with CleanFuel USA and OEM Partners to bring more engine platforms to the North American market. ICOM North America has certified and is in the process of certifying a variety of popular aftermarket engine families to EPA and CARB standards for both mono-fuel and bi-fuel applications. More than 160,000 vehicles worldwide have utilized the ICOM JTG Propane System since 2004. NEE is pleased to support the JTG II Liquid Injection system for mono-fuel and bi-fuel applications as well as the JTG Diesel system for large diesel bi-fuel applications typical in the fleet transportation market. ICOM invented and patented the revolutionary JTG II liquid propane injection system and electronically controlled LPG multivalve with an integrated pump that can be serviced without draining the tank. Advantages 1 The JTG II system is ‘plug and play’ – the fuel tank and fuel rails are preassembled. 2 No need to alter the OEM ECU in any way. 3 Propane injectors are calibrated to match the gasoline in the amount of energy delivered with fuel. 4 Complete standard OBDII factory diagnostics remain fully functional. 5 System is not affected by temperature changes. 6 Minimal cutting, splicing or soldering required. Only three electrical connections needed – two to the battery for power and one to the OE fuel injector wire harness. Typical JTG II Bi-Fuel Installation System JTG II LP Injection System