NEE Propane & Natural Gas Equipment Catalogue

NATIONAL TOLL FREE DIRECTORY 1-866-574-5100 | ON THE WEB ALTERNATIVE FUEL EQUIPMENT FUEL INJECTED EQUIPMENT ICOM JTG-D LP Diesel Injection System Propane Diesel JTG Dynamic System NEE has partnered with ICOM North America to offer their JTG-Dynamic Liquid Propane Diesel Injection System to medium duty diesel fleets looking for the flexibility of a dual fuel option that allows them to maintain OEM horsepower and torque specifications, while displacing up to 50% (on average) of the higher cost diesel fuel. With the ICOM JTG-D System, the original Diesel engine is not modified mechanically and it continues to function as a normal Diesel propulsion system. Diesel fuel is injected in reduced quantity and is required to enable the combustion mix air/gas calculated from the ICOM Electronic Control Unit which communicates via Can-Bus with the original vehicle ECU. The system allows the vehicle to function using the original configuration (Diesel only) or displacing an average of 50% of the diesel with propane in a normal drive cycle. Advantages 1 Significant reduction in CO, HC, NOx and particulates – up to a 50% carbon footprint reduction by displacing diesel with LPG. 2 The ICOM JTG System does not use emulation or modified electronic fuel maps – eliminating the need for aftermarket fuel trim tuning. 3 The OE ECU commands and controls the propane system in every situation utilizing the original vehicle fuel management strategies as specified by the OE manufacturer. 4 The system utilizes an innovative LPG tank with integrated pump and valves manufactured specifically for the application. As with all ICOM Liquid Injection Systems, the components are all vehicle specific. The first engine system has been developed for the International DT466 engine, with other popular diesel platforms to follow over time.