NEE Propane & Natural Gas Equipment Catalogue

CANADA’S LEADER IN ENERGY PRODUCTS EQUIPMENT ALTERNATIVE FUEL EQUIPMENT HOSE & TUBING Type III Hose Aeroquip CR170 Type III Hose is specifically designed for use on Automotive and Forklift LPG applications and is the only hose approved for use in these applications. CGA Type III hose assemblies are built to order and tested/tagged prior to shipment. Type III hose is approved for Liquid Propane & Natural Gas Vapour and meets the requirements of CAN/CGA 8.1M86. Specifications:  Inner Tube - Thermoplastic.  Reinforcement - Stainless Steel braid over a textile braid.  Cover - Oil Resistant Perforated Synthetic Rubber.  Rated for 350 PSI at temperatures from -40° to 180° F.  Hydraulically crimped non-reusable hose ends.  CGA tagged with the test date. NEE # Description I.D. O.D. Weight Working Pressure Temperature Range Minimum Bend Radius HAC 6-* 3/8” hose assembly .31” .67” .26 Lbs/Ft 350 -40° to 250° F 4.0” HAC 8-* 1/2” hose assembly .41” .77” .28 Lbs/Ft 4.62” * (The last digit indicates length in feet) Note: Contact NEE with your particular overall length requirements. Vapour Hose Neoprene-lined, oil and heat resistant, coil wire support prevents kinks and permits free flow regardless of the degree of bend. Non-porous vapour hoses for propane and natural gas carburetion systems between the vaporizer and the mixer-- Heavy duty for extreme service. Rated for temperatures of -40° to 275° F and to 40 PSI. NEE # Description VH1/2 1/2” Vapour Hose V10 5/8” Vapour Hose NEE # Description V12 3/4” Vapour Hose V16 1” Vapour Hose NEE # Description V114 1-1/4” Vapour Hose Gas Tec™ Poly Coated Copper Tube ¼” I.D. Kamco poly coated copper is suitable for use with Auto propane applications up to 250 psi when installed in accordance to the relevant section of the B149.5 code. Meets the requirements of ASTM B75 / B88 / B837 / D572. Type L copper coated with a flexible yellow HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) outer sleeve that provides additional protection and eliminates the need for on-site sleeving.  Features a well labeled casing indicating the number of feet used as well as identifying the tube as a gas line with “GAS” markings every foot. NEE # Fuel Type O.D. I.D. Length Wall Thickness 21410-100’COIL Gas 3/8” 1/4” 100’ .032” NEE # Fuel Type O.D. I.D. Length Wall Thickness 21400 Gas 3/8” 1/4” 250’ .030”