NEE Propane & Natural Gas Equipment Catalogue

NATIONAL TOLL FREE DIRECTORY 1-866-574-5100 | ON THE WEB ALTERNATIVE FUEL EQUIPMENT CONVERTERS & MIXERS Impco 300 Series Carburetors For LP-Gas and Natural gas dual fuel automotive operation. Will accommodate either 10” or 14” air filter. High flow, vacuum operation and feedback models are available as well. However, air assemblies are provided separately. NEE # Description FB300AM-50-4 FB300A Feedback Mixer, with V2-50 gas valve, no Boden cable, with silicone diaphragm CA300A-M-4-2 CA300A Mixer, Dual fuel, Series 1 Standard Carburetor with V2-11 gas valve (without Boden cable) CA300AM-50-4 CA300A Mixer, Dual fuel, Series 50 with V2-39 high flow gas valve & silicone diaphragm The Model 425 carburetor is a single-diaphragm air valve carburetor / mixer. It offers a downdraft air inlet that can be used for remote air filtration or open-element type air filters. This unit is available for Propane, Natural Gas, and Digester Gas applications. It has been successfully used for other hydrocarbon based vapour fuels as low as 500 BTU. 425 Series Carburetors NEE # Description FT425M-2 Feedback Mixer, with V2-51, silicone diaphragm, tamper resistant CT425M-2 Mixer, with V2-19 gas valve, silicone diaphragm, non-feedback, tamper resistant The Model J Series Converter delivers superior performance and excellent pressure outlet consistency throughout its service life. Two vapour outlet pressure ports are available. Use of the standard blue secondary spring provides negative 0.37 kPa (-1.5” W.C.). The optional orange secondary spring provides negative 0.12 kPa (-0.5” W.C.). (Rated for applications between 5 & 100 Horse Power). The Model Cobra Series Two-Stage Converter Pressure Regulator has been specifically designed to meet the performance requirements of demanding OEM applications in materials handling, portable and stationary engines, ground support equipment, agricultural, and construction equipment. (Rated for applications between 5 & 100 Horse Power). The Model PJ Series Positive Pressure, Two-Stage Regulator is designed for positive pressure CNG fuel systems where liquid vaporization and engine coolant heating is not required. These regulators are able to provide positive flow in applications up to 59.7 kW (75 hp). PJ regulators are available in several fixed pressures. J, PJ and COBRA Series Regulators NEE # Description COBRA Two stage 1-1/2” Water Column, negative pressure converter/regulator blue spring JB-2 Two stage 1-1/2” Water Column, negative pressure converter/regulator blue spring, 100 HP PJ Two stage pressure, NG or LPG Vapour with hydrin diaphragm The Model E Series is a two-stage regulator/converter. It is engine coolant heated to assist liquid fuel vaporization and provides a negative outlet pressure, with two pressures available: EB blue spring (-1.5” W.C. vacuum) & EO orange spring (-.5” W.C. vacuum). (Rated for applications between 200 -300 HP). PEV & EV Series Regulators NEE # Description PEV-1 Model PEV brown spring (S2-37), 3.7” to 6.5” Water Column, NG vapour, no heat exchanger, adjustable EB-2 Model E blue spring with silicone diaphragm EV-2 Model E blue spring, LPG Vapour regulator, no heat exchanger, hydrin. EB-2