NEE Propane & Natural Gas Equipment Catalogue

CANADA’S LEADER IN ENERGY PRODUCTS EQUIPMENT ALTERNATIVE FUEL EQUIPMENT CONVERTERS & MIXERS Impco L Series Regulator The Model L is a two stage regulator converter. These units are coolant heated and are able to provide liquid vaporization to supply up to 150 kW (200 hp) in industrial engine applications. The L Series regulator provides a negative outlet pressure of -0.37 kPa (-1.5 W.C.). No optional pressures are available. The Model L offers economical performance with full features, rear fuel inlet, primary and secondary diagnostic test ports. Optional silicone diaphragm materials are also available. (Rated for applications between 50 & 225 Horse Power). NEE # Description LB-2 Two stage 1-1/2” Water Column, negative pressure converter/regulator blue spring, 325 HP Impco Low-pressure, IMP series Dry Gas Regulators are intended for use with propane and natural gas. These IMP Regulators are fabricated with high strength pressure-cast aluminum. Low Pressure Dry Gas Regulators NEE # Description IMP-61 IMPCO Low pressure dry gas regulators, LPG or CNG. No lockoff. 1-1/4” inlet/outlet, 1,110 f3/h flow capacity IMP53-50981-002 IMPCO Low pressure dry gas regulators, LPG or CNG. No lockoff. 3/4” inlet/outlet, 450 f3/h flow capacity The HPR-3600 is a single stage high pressure regulator designed for high pressure CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) systems. This regulator is engine coolant heated to prevent freezing and has dual outlet ports for universal installation flexibility. The HPR is rated up to 24,800 kPa (3,600 PSI) inlet and provides a regulated outlet pressure of 1,030 +/- 140 kPa (150 +/- 20 PSI) which makes it compatible with the IMPCO “P” (positive) type regulators. It is also supplied with an external pressure relief valve which is calibrated to open if outlet pressure exceeds 2,760 kPa (400 PSI). Regulatory approvals include UL and AGA/CGA. High Pressure Regulator, CNG NEE # Description HPR-3600 High pressure regulator, CNG, 3600 PSI The all new AHR50D air heated regulator is the result of 44 years of advanced engineering. Designed for Smaller displacement engines. The AHR50-D is a direct replacement for the Century G-85A regulator. -.5” WC delivery pressure (vacuum). Developed for air-cooled engine applications, this regulator is at home on portable welders, pumps, wood chippers, pressure washers, sweepers, mobile construction equipment, airport ground support equipment, and portable power generators. Air Heated Regulator NEE # Description AHR50-D Two-stage, air-heated regulator