NEE Propane & Natural Gas Equipment Catalogue

NATIONAL TOLL FREE DIRECTORY 1-866-574-5100 | ON THE WEB ALTERNATIVE FUEL EQUIPMENT KRUG COMPRESSORS & HAND PUMPS Compressors Features: Krug Vapour Compressor Engine  5 hp overhead valve engine  Spark arresting muffler  Shielded ignition  On-Off switch  Available with L.P. carburetor Compressor  2 cylinder 10.7 cu. inch displacement  Suction port 1/2 inch F MPT  Discharge port 1/2 inch F MPT with pressure gauge  1,000 rpm NEE # Description 25459B Bare Compressor, with flanges 6K041-E Compressor with 1HP & 1 Phase Electric Motor H50G Compressor with Gasoline 5 HP Engine H50GL Transfer Compressor with Gasoline 5 HP Lauson Engine NEE # Description H50LP Compressor with LP converted 5 HP Gasoline Engine H50LPL Transfer Compressor with LP converted 5 HP Lauson Engine K101 Bare Compressor, with top flanges An economical way in which to transfer, evacuate or purge tanks. Environmentally friendly, once the connections are made, it is a closed loop system with little chance of leaks. Save your truck pump from damage and use this unit for evacuating tanks. Capacity ranges from 18 to 50 GPM depending on piping - Not recommended f r continuous or heavy duty applications! Accessories NEE # Description 209870 Clutch Assembly 3X7531 25’ hose transfer kit with valves NEE # Description 3X927 8” Pulley 488-16316 Compressor Gasket Kit Hand Pump Krug hand pumps are designed for liquefied petroleum products. They are free-flowing, cannot vapour lock and are of reliable operation. They eliminate dangerous venting of fuel tanks during filling and pump with ease against a differential pressure of 50 to 60 lbs. Up to 120-pound differential pressure may be obtained. They are constructed to allow a 6 GPM capacity (40 strokes). Features: • Piston Rings : 2 Standard 1/8” x 3 1/8”. Automotive compression ring. • Valves: 1 poppet type valve in piston & 1 high pressure check valve. • Packing: Extra long packing gland - 5/16” special “V” ring packing. • Weight: Approximately 54 Lbs. Shipping weight 62 lbs. • Cylinder: 9 long cast alloy. • Piston: Stroke 4 1/2”. Bore 3 1/8”. • Handle: Length 2’, plus 2’ extension. • Connecting Rod: High carbon polished tool steel. NEE # Description MODEL G Pump, 1” NPT inlet, 3/4” NPT outlet, base: 8” x 24” - 3/16” (Formed steel plate)-- standard pipe H50LP