NEE Propane & Natural Gas Equipment Catalogue

CANADA’S LEADER IN ENERGY PRODUCTS EQUIPMENT WATER HEATERS RESIDENTIAL WATER HEATERS GSW Power Direct Vent Water Heaters An advanced line of sealed combustion power direct vented water heaters. The Power Direct Vent (PDV) is designed with a sealed combustion chamber, ultra quiet blower and state-of-the-art gas control for highly accurate and reliable temperature control. Perfect for both residential new home construction and replacement water heater applications; the Power Direct Vent will provide the ultimate solution for your hot water needs. Features: • Sealed combustion chamber design prevents accidental ignition of flammable vapours and enhances air quality as no indoor air is required for combustion. • Continues the GSW tradition of quiet power vent water heaters. • Convenient 3/4” side taps for combination applications. • Quick recovery with 40,000 BTU input. • Exclusive patented TankSaver design to prolong tank life. • Low profile design is ideal for replacement applications. • Exceeds energy efficiency standards. • No heated indoor air used for combustion. • Flexible venting configurations can be vented with 3” approved vent pipe up to 60 equivalent feet, horizontally through the wall or vertically through the roof. • Auto-reset temperature switch monitors vent temperature. NEE # BTU Fuel Type Capacity Diameter Height Weight Recovery Rates (USG) at 100º F G4040SP-PDV-ES2 40,000 LP 40 USG, 33.3 Imperial Gallons, 151 L 22 1/2” 59 1/2” 162 lbs 33.9 JW4040SN-PDV-ES2 NG G5040SP-PDV-ES2 LP 50 USG, 41.6 Imperial Gallons, 189 L 68 1/2” 182 lbs JW5040SN-PDV-ES2 NG JW85065SN-PDV-ES2 65,000 LP 69 3/4” 209 lbs Polaris High-Efficiency Gas Water Heaters Polaris® has a high grade 444 stainless steel tank with brass connections for years of dependable, trouble-free service - no anode required. A submerged combustion chamber with spiral flue provides up to 96% thermal efficiency and ultra- low standby heat loss of approximately 1%. Features: • High grade stainless steel tank with brass connections for years of dependable service – no anode required. • Woven metal fibre burner made of refractory steel resists corrosion, produces low NOx emissions and is resistant to thermal and mechanical shocks. • Plug-and-play technology with no special adjustments at initial startup including no adjustments or de-rating for high altitude installations. • Specifically designed for space heating. NEE # BTU Fuel Type Capacity Height Diameter Weight Recovery Rates (USG) at 100º F PR100-34-2NV 100,000 NG 34 USG, 28.3 Imperial Gallons, 129 L 48 1/2” 22” 150 lbs 129 PR130-34-2NV 130,000 166 PR130-34-2PV LP PR150-34-2NV 150,000 NG 188 PR130-50-2NV 130,000 50 USG, 41.6 Imperial Gallons, 189 L 62 1/2” 176 lbs 166 PR130-50-2PV LP