NEE Propane & Natural Gas Equipment Catalogue

CANADA’S LEADER IN ENERGY PRODUCTS EQUIPMENT WATER HEATERS TANKLESS WATER HEATERS Bosch Instantaneous Tankless Water Heaters The Bosch Instantaneous Water Heater is a high efficiency, space saving answer to your water heating needs. All Bosch instantaneous water heaters heat water only as required, no energy is lost maintaining a large volume of water at elevated temperatures as in tank-type storage water heaters. Bosch’s tankless water heaters offer higher flow rates, sealed combustion and vertical or horizontal venting. 330PN Ideal for low flow camp or cottage use. Includes Piezo ignition and requires no electricity to operate, 78% average efficiency, mounts on wall for easy installation, modulating gas valve to control temperature, pressure relief valve included; 15- year warranty. Provides endless hot water for one application at a time. Provides 3.3 USGPM at a 35º F Temperature Rise. 520PN The 520PN is the perfect tankless solution for smaller families and households that use less than three hot water applications at once. It has enough power for running a shower and sink simultaneously. The 520HN model offers all of the same advantages of the ‘PN’ unit, plus incorporates an evolutionary hydro-power ignition system, allowing this tankless heater to work without a standing pilot, grid connection or battery; Both 520 series models include a 15- year limited warranty and provide 5.3 USGPM at a 35º F Temperature Rise. 940ES The 940ES unit is our highest capacity, non-condensing model designed for indoor residential and solar backup applications. The 940ES will meet the demands of your busy household and can be installed almost anywhere, offering high-power, compact & reliable Ceramat burners. It is also mobile home certified; 15- year warranty. Provides 9.4 USGPM at a 35º F Temperature Rise. C1050ES The Bosch Greentherm C1050ES features e lectronic ignition and Concentric up-and-out venting for single units and two to four unit single pipe cascades , as well as condensing technology with 94% thermal efficiency. It is equipped with computerized temperature control with an automated and fully modulating bypass, ensuring unsurpassed DHW temperature stability ; 15- year warranty. Provides 10.5 USGPM at a 35º F Temperature Rise. C1210ES C1210ES high output residential heaters are the highest flow rate models; an ultra-high efficiency modulating-condensing tankless water heater with low NOx emissions and includes a Ceramat Burner. It has a 94% thermal efficiency and is built to enhance serviceability and durability. Unlike traditional non-condensing models, condensing technology captures heat from the exhaust gas and uses it to preheat the incoming cold water. The C1210ESC unit has all the same advantages as the C1210ES model, but denotes ASME models and is designed for commercial applications. Both C1210ES series models include a 15-year limited warranty and provide 12.1 USGPM at a 35º F Temperature Rise. NEE # BTU Fuel Type Ignition Vent Inlet NPT Outlet NPT Inlet Water Pressure Minimum Water Flow Height Width Depth Weight Application 330PN 74,900 LP or NG Piezo with Standing Pilot B-Vent 1/2” 1/2” 30 PSI (min) / 150 PSI (max) 0.5 USG / min 28 4/5” 12 1/5” 8 1/2” 25 lbs RS 520PN 117,000 LP only 8 2/3” 25 3/4” 18 1/8” 35 lbs 520HN Hydro Power 25 3/4” 18 1/9” 8 2/3” 940ES 199,000 LP or NG Electronic SS ** 3/4” 3/4” 30 1/2” 17 7/8” 11 1/4” 67 lbs CM/RS C1050ES * PVC Vent 74 lbs C1210ES * 225,000 88 lbs CM C1210ESC * (* Condensing units, ** SS=Stainless Steel ) Notes: CM= Commercial, R = Residential and CM/RS = Commercial & Residential, ESC = ASME Rated All models are suitable for heating potable water only – (not approved for space heating purposes) & are all available in NG & LP (Except for the 520 series units). Please specify. 330PN C1050ES