NEE Propane & Natural Gas Equipment Catalogue

CANADA’S LEADER IN ENERGY PRODUCTS EQUIPMENT WATER HEATERS COMMERCIAL WATER HEATERS John Wood Commercial Water Heaters Introducing the new line of John Wood Signature Series natural gas and propane water heaters. The new line features a significantly lower profile, smaller vent diameters, and a new, ultra-accurate dual electronic thermostat for precision temperature control. These water heaters handle a wide range of applications that require inputs from 125,000 BTU to 399,000 BTU. Features: • Meets or exceeds ASHRAE 90.1 energy efficiency standard & 80% thermal efficiency. • Includes state of the art UTECH Electronic Ignition System & Honeywell Electronic Water Heater Controller. • 3 Year Inner Tank Warranty, 1 Year on Parts. • Temperature control and Energy Cutoff (ECO) provided by reliable electronic controllers ensuring accurate water temperature regulation. • Inlet and outlet ports on the top, front & back. • Long lasting stainless steel burners, with easy out, slide out burner tray for easy servicing. • Equipped with multiple anode rods for long life. • Factory installed T&P and front located brass drain valve. • Conveniently located handhole cleanout. • Vent damper for energy efficiency. • New light weight ceramic fiber combustion chamber for reduced heat loss. • TankSaver technology. • ASME models available in 199,000-399,000 BTU. • Power vent kit available for side wall venting with a new quick connect system for ease of installation. Options: • High altitude conversion kits available for installations in regions up to 8,000 ft. • New pre-certified conversion kits for liquid propane/natural gas conversions for all models. • CSA-approved kits allow field conversions with no need for additional inspection or costs. NEE # BTU Fuel Type Capacity USG/ Llitres Diameter Height Weight Recovery Rates (USG) at 100º F JWSM71-120 120,000 Specify LP or NG 71 / 268 27 3/4” 69 3/4” 400 lbs 116 JWSM81-154 154,000 81 / 307 73” 470 lbs 149 JWSM76-199 199,000 76 / 288 67 1/2” 184 JWSM95-199 95 / 360 75” 603 lbs 193 Note: For NG add N to end. For LP add P. For High Altitude (2000-4500ft) add H after either N or P. John Wood Signature Series High-Efficiency Commercial Gas Water Heaters The John Wood® Signature Series has been specifically designed for the needs of the professional installer. The John Wood® Signature Series line of commercial gas models now offers high efficient models. Features: • Flexible venting options using ULC S636 PVC or CPVC. • Powered anodes that provide superior tank protection. • Approved for sanitizing applications. • Available input rates: 150,000 BTU, 199,900 BTU and 250,000 BTU. • Available in Natural Gas or Propane with optional ASME construction. • Space-saving design with zero clearance to combustibles for a wide-range of installation applications. • Units rated from 0-7,700 ft. NEE # BTU Capacity USG/ Llitres Fuel Height Diameter Weight Recovery Rates (USG) at 100º F JWSH100-150N 150,000 100 / 379 NG 75 1/2” 27 3/4” 595 lbs 173 JWSH100-150P LP JWSH100-199N 199,000 NG 230 JWSH100-199P LP JWSH100-250N 250,000 NG 288 JWSH100-250P LP Note: Add an ‘A’ to the beginning of the part# for ASME construction