NEE Propane & Natural Gas Equipment Catalogue

NATIONAL TOLL FREE DIRECTORY 1-866-574-5100 | ON THE WEB WATER HEATERS COMMERCIAL WATER HEATERS AO Smith Conservationist Commercial Boilers Burkay Copper Coil Gas Water Heaters and Boilers feature all non-ferrous waterways. A Burkay Burner maximizes combustion efficiency. Features low profile diverter, optimum energy transfer, copper wall combustion chamber. For indoor installation only. These boilers feature a single stage firing mode, and are not approved for instantaneous applications. All models feature castings that are made of Bronze or Brass. All water tubes are made from copper. Brazed joints or flare union construction make the heater immune to the effects of thermal shock and thermal cycling. A great boiler for domestic hot water supply systems. The combustion chamber is a heat exchanger formed from a two passage coil of tightly wound continuous copper tube. Water circulating through this coil surrounds the main burner and captures the radiant heat. A wrap of insulation on the outside of the coil retains the heat captured by the circulating water. Directly above the coil and the main burner is a compact, horizontal, copper fin tube heat exchanger. The flue gases must pass through this efficient heat exchanger before leaving the boiler. This unique Burkay coil and heat exchanger design provide maximum heat transfer and proven field durability. Patented pump delay system that allows boiler and pump to run simultaneously but delays pump shut off at end of heating cycle to remove usable heat from the heat exchanger and reduce the scale forming tendencies of motionless hot water. Proven pilot ignition system provides flame failure response in under one (1) second. Redundant high limit controls and gas valves assure safe shutoff in the event of overheating or flame failure. NEE # BTU Fuel Type Efficiency Inlet NPT Outlet NPT Diameter Height Width Weight Recovery Rates (USG) at 100º F HW300-NG 300,000 NG 82% 1 1/4” 1 1/4” 25 1/4” 65” 29 5/8” 240 lbs 291 HW300-P LP HWB300-N NG HWB300-P LP HW399-P 399,000 1 1/2” 1 1/2” 27” 57 1/8” 31 1/2” 291 lbs 387 HW420-P 420,000 407 HW520-P 520,000 2” 2” 68 5/16” 36 1/2” 361 lbs 504 HW610-P 610,000 67” 38 1/2” 592 AO Smith Conservationist Tank-Type Water Heaters Features a glass-lined tank, fully automatic controls with safety shutoff, heavy gauge steel jacket, foam insulation, low nox, easy installation, draft diverter, 150 PSI maximum working pressure, and handhole cleanout. All internal surfaces of heater that are exposed to water are glass-lined with an alkaline borosilicate composition that is fused to steel by firing at a temperature range of 1400ºF to 1600ºF. Heater is equipped with a 2 3/4” X 3 3/4 boiler-type handle cleanout, and has a working pressure of 150 PSI. Exceeds the minimum requirements of ASHRAE/IES IES 90.1b-1992 for thermal efficiency and standby loss. NEE # Capacity BTU Fuel Type Diameter Height Width Weight Recovery Rates USG at 100º F BT80-N 74 Gallons 75,100 NG 29 1/2” 61 1/2” 25 3/8” 271 lbs 73 BT80-P LP BT100-N 100 Gallons NG 28 11/16” 69 3/4” 26 1/2” 350 lbs BT100-P LP