NEE Propane & Natural Gas Equipment Catalogue

NATIONAL TOLL FREE DIRECTORY 1-866-574-5100 | ON THE WEB PLANT, TRUCK & TANK EQUIPMENT GLOBE & ANGLE VALVES Heavy duty and economy globe and angle valves are used in plant or truck piping systems to control gas flow. All valves are designed with a 1/4” F NPT plugged boss in the downstream side of the valve where a hydrostatic relief valve, pressure gauge or vent valve can be installed. All valves have Teflon packing, non-rotating seat disc and ductile iron bodies. Economy valves have a threaded bonnet assembly and the heavy duty valves have a flanged bonnet. The Marshall Excelsior valves have all stainless steel internal components making them suitable for LPG and NH3 applications. The Fisher economy valves are only suitable for LP service. The ME825P-16-4 Series ‘Bottom Port Pilot Operated Globe Valves’ , meanwhile, provide a positive shut-off valve that is highly reliable with full flow performance while providing bi-directional flow. Ideally suited for use on transport trailers with 1/2” blow down lines to provide rapid and complete product evacuation prior to disconnecting transfer hose. Valves can be purchased with hydrostatic relief valves pre-installed on the out board side port of the globe valve main seal. All of the same great features of the original full flow MEC Globe and Angle valves with additional product performance enhancements. NEE # Type Size (F NPT) Style Features N301-04 Fisher 1/2” Globe Heavy Duty N301-06 3/4” N301-08 1” N310-10 1-1/4” N310-12 1-1/2” N310-16 2” N310-24 3” N310F-24 3” ANSI Flanged N350-04 1/2” Economy N350-06 3/4” N401-04 1/2” Angle Heavy Duty N401-06 3/4” N401-08 1” N410-10 1-1/4” N410-12 1-1/2” N410-16 2” N410-24 3” N410F-24 3” ANSI Flanged N450-04 1/2” Economy N450-06 3/4” ME815-4 Marshall Excelsior 1/2” Heavy Duty ME815-6 3/4” ME815-8 1” NEE # Type Size (F NPT) Style Features ME815-10 Marshall Excelsior 1-1/4” Angle Heavy Duty ME815-12 1-1/2” ME815-16 2” ME821-4 1/2” Globe Quick Acting ME821-6 3/4” ME824-16 2” Heavy Duty ME825-4 1/2” ME825-6 3/4” ME825-8 1” ME825-10 1-1/4” ME825-12 1-1/2” ME825-16 2” ME825-24 3” EZ-Turn ME825P-16 Heavy Duty with Pilot ME825P-16-4 2” Full Flow Valve with Pilot ME825P-16H-4 ME825P-16HSS-4 AL308P Squibb Taylor 3/4” Heavy Duty AL316FP 2” ANSI Flanged AL317FP 2” ANSI Flanged Angle AL320FP 3” ANSI Flanged Globe AL321FP 3” ANSI Flanged Angle Heavy Duty Economy Heavy Duty Heavy Duty Full Flow Globe Valve Angle Valve Angle Valve Globe Valve Globe Valve with Pilot E-Z Turn Knob ( Sold Separately)