NEE Propane & Natural Gas Equipment Catalogue

CANADA’S LEADER IN ENERGY PRODUCTS EQUIPMENT FILLER VALVES Marshall Excelsior Flo-Max ASME Tank Filler Valves Flo-Max ASME Tank Filler Valves are designed to allow maximum product transfer with its manually operated open throat design. These valves have an integral high flow primary soft-seat back check and a manually operated secondary shutoff valve for maximum protection against leaks. Because these valves provide a manually operated shutoff device, the need for a flow restricting fill check adapter has been eliminated. Flo-Max ASME Tank Filler Valve Features • Allows 25-50% more product flow during filling operations • Manual valve portion assures operator when valve is open or closed • Removable key provided to help prevent tampering • Constructed with a durable nitrile O-ring primary back check seal and reliable Teflon® packing for secondary manual valve seal • Durable all brass construction for maximum weather and spark resistance NEE # Filler Valve M NPT Hose End Male ACME Connection Protective Cap Included Additional Keys ME600-6 3/4” 1 3/4” yes ME578-02 ME600-10 1 1/4” Filler Valve Accessories NEE # Description ME109-1 1 3/4” Plastic ACME cap, with Lanyard 1850-10 1850-3 1 3/4” Plastic ACME cap NEE # Description G216B 1 3/4” O ring MEW2 1 3/4” ACME Washer Vapour Return Valves Used for vapor equalizing to speed up the filling process. The PV1876 has an upper positive back check valve & a lower excess flow valve. Attachment of the vapor hose fitting with its projecting nozzle opens the back check valve to permit flow in both directions. NEE # Container Connection ACME Thread Repair Kit PV1876 3/4” NPT 1 1/4” M ACME 1876-100-KIT COMBO VALVES & LIQUID LEVEL GAUGES Combo Valves Designed for installation in many LPG containers to give positive visual indication of tank pressure and liquid reaching the maximum allowable liquid level. NEE # Tank Connection Outlet Connection J415 3/4” M NPT 2 x 1/4” F NPT MEJ415 J415-1 Vent Valve and 0-400 PSI pressure gauge ME830 MEJ415G PLANT, TRUCK & TANK EQUIPMENT J415-1 J415 ME830 MEJ415 MEJ415G