NEE Propane & Natural Gas Equipment Catalogue

NATIONAL TOLL FREE DIRECTORY 1-866-574-5100 | ON THE WEB PLANT, TRUCK & TANK EQUIPMENT ACME ADAPTERS ACME Wear Gauges “Go/ No- Go Gauges” The importance of secure ACME connections during the transfer of gas cannot be overemphasized. Whereas transfer hoses are covered by statutory inspection, no such provision exists for the connectors, yet they are subjected to constant use and sometimes abuse. As a result, the point when they should be changed becomes very subjective. ACME couplings should be regularly checked for: • Wear • Ovality • Plug gauges for testing female threads • Splits • Corrosion • Ring gauges for testing male threads To measure wear, the gauges have a suitable wear allowance built in. If the gauge can be threaded more than one turn on (or into), the coupling has reached or exceeded the acceptable wear limits and should be changed. Available as boxed sets or individual items. Full instructions included. NEE # Description 1-1/4-5 P-GO 1-1/4” 2G ACME Ring Gauge-GO (Class 2G) 1-3/4-6 GO 1-3/4” 2G ACME Ring Gauge-GO (Class 2G) 1-3/4-6 P-GO 1-3/4” 2G ACME Plug Gauge-GO (Class 2G) 2-1/4-6 GO 2-1/4” 2G ACME Ring Gauge-GO (Class 2G) 2-1/4-6 P-GO 2-1/4” 2G ACME Plug Gauge-GO (Class 2G) 3-1/4-6GO 3-1/4” ACME Ring Gauge-GO (Class 2G) 3-1/4-6P-GO 3-1/4” ACME Plug Gauge-GO (Class 2G) NEE # Description 1-1/4-5 P-NOGO 1-1/4” 2G ACME Plug Gauge-NO GO (Class 2G) 1-3/4-6 NOGO 1-3/4” 2G ACME Ring Gauge-NO GO (Class 2G) 1-3/4-6 P-NOGO 1-3/4” 2G ACME Plug Gauge-NO GO (Class 2G) 2-1/4-6 NOGO 2-1/4” 2G ACME Ring Gauge-NO GO (Class 2G) 2-1/4-6 P-NOGO 2-1/4” 2G ACME Plug Gauge-NO GO (Class 2G) 3-1/4-6NOGO 3-1/4” ACME Ring Gauge-NO GO (Class 2G) 3-1/4-6P-NOGO 3-1/4” ACME Plug Gauge-NO GO (Class 2G) AUTOMATIC CYLINDER FILLING VALVE Fisher Automatic Cylinder Filling Valve Type N201 fills DOT / TC cylinders by weight and stops the gas supply when the specified fill weight is reached. Operated by air or propane vapour pressure, it is designed for beam type scales and requires no electrical or mechanical power. The assembly comes completely piped up and includes special parts that allow the slide weight on the scale to move to zero. A red button appears in the indicator on top of the N201 each time a cylinder is filled to the desired weight. NEE # Description N201 Filling Valve, 1/2” inlet / Outlet ROTARY GAUGES Fisher Rotary Gauges can be used on stationary or mobile tanks to visually indicate the amount of LP-Gas or NH3 in the container. They are also used in filling the tank to the proper liquid level. On mobile applications and some large stationary storage tanks, hangers are recommended to support the horizontal length of the dip tube. Type J31 consists of heavy duty gauges that minimize vibration effects (swaying, bouncing) by a long (68”, 1.73 meters) stem tube extension. Gauges fit 1” coupling container connections. All gauges have stem and dip tubes with an extra large inside diameter. This assures that the correct liquid level can be obtained quickly. A nylon packing sleeve and a friction ring for the pointer indicator gives smooth rotation and long service life. Steel and stainless steel materials resist rust or corrosion. NEE # Description Notes J31L-2 69” - 92” tanks With P323 Dial J31X-3L 108” - 140” tanks No Dial NEE # Description Notes J31L-3L 108” - 140” tanks With P323 Dial P322 Replacement Dial LPG - Less than 1200 USWG NEE # Description Notes P323 Replacement Dial LPG - More than 1200 USWG P324 NH3 - More than 1200 USWG