NEE Propane & Natural Gas Equipment Catalogue

NATIONAL TOLL FREE DIRECTORY 1-866-574-5100 | ON THE WEB PLANT, TRUCK & TANK EQUIPMENT INTERNAL VALVES Flanged Internal Valves Flanged valves provide a sturdy and compact means of directly mounting a pump or piping connection. Special break-away stud bolts are furnished with the valves to permit the pump or piping to shear off in the event of an accident, leaving the valve intact. All flanged valves have an internal screen for pump protection that can be easily removed if the valve is used primarily for filling the tank. For Valve Model # Type Tank Connection UL Rated Closing Flow GPM Propane Tank Connection Vapour Capacity SCFH @ 100 PSIG Inlet Means of Actuation Includes Jet Bleed Valve Technology C404, C404A, C404M/32-34 Single Flange Body 4” 300 lb ANSI RF Flange 340 4” 300 lb ANSI RF (5 7/8” diameter bore) 104,800 Manual, Cable or Air No C404, C404A, C404M/32-40 400 108,600 C404, C404A, C404M/32-60 600 141,500 C404, C404A, C404M/32-80 800 356,200 C483-24-26 Double Flange Body 3” CL300 ANSI RF Flange 260 3” 300 lb ANSI RF (4 5/8” diameter bore) 71,000 Yes C483-24-40 400 181,000 C484-24-25 Single Flange Body 250 68,000 C484-24-40 400 181,000 * Closing flow vertical down. Consult NEE for flows in alternative positions or with screen removed. ** Refer to following pages for control options. C404A32-60 C404M32-60 C483-24 C484-24