NEE Propane & Natural Gas Equipment Catalogue

CANADA’S LEADER IN ENERGY PRODUCTS EQUIPMENT PLANT, TRUCK & TANK EQUIPMENT INTERNAL VALVES Internal Valve Accessories * Jet Bleed Internal ™ Trim Sets Now Available!! (Not Interchangeable with C404 or C407 Valves) For Valve Model # Includes Jet Bleed Valve Technology Size Primary Cable Control Aux Remote Release Cable Assembly Latch Release Mechanism Pneumatic Cylinder Actuator Rotary Actuator Pneumatic Diaphragm Actuator C407-10 No 1-1/4” P650, P651* P163A, P164A** P650 Included P341, P342*** P389 P731 ME205 C402/421/427-16 2” P340 - - P639A C471-16 Yes C477-16 P739 C477-24 3” C471-24 - - C402/421/427-24 No N/A C484-24 Yes 3” Single Flange P313**** P713 P613 C483-24 3” Double Flange P723 P623 C404-32 No 4” Single Flange Allegheny or Wheaton Control P315 P314 P714 P614A * P651 is primary control only. P650 includes 20’ cable, P134 fusible links, return spring and mounting hardware ** Identical to P163A- except untrimmed length is 50’ where the P163A is 25’ *** Bi-directional allows operation in 2 directions **** Use with P315 Cable Controls and accessories can be furnished to remotely open and close all threaded or flanged internal valves up to 3”. A fusible link must be incorporated to allow the valve’s operating lever to return to the closed position in the case of exposure to a fire. Latch/Remote release mechanisms can be fitted to all internal valves, with the exception of the 3” flanged size. When the valve’s operating lever is moved to the open position, the lever can be latched in place. The lever can then be released from a remote location by pulling a cable attached to a pull ring, thus closing the internal valve. A built-in fusible element in the latch/release allows the valve’s operating lever to return to the closed position in the case of exposure to a fire. Pneumatic Operated Cylinders can be fitted on all Internal Valves which permits the valve to be opened and closed from a remote location using air, nitrogen, or carbon dioxide. When pressure is applied to the cylinder, it moves the cylinder rod and internal valve operating lever to the open position. Upon loss of pressure, the valve’s operating lever returns to the closed position. The P700 series rotary actuators offer numerous benefits including: • Enhanced Durability via minimized side loading on the internal valve gland packing for long life • Clear visual indication of valve position via an open/close indicator • Propane vapour compatibility for systems using regulated propane vapour as the rpessure source with a maximum pressure of 125 Psi The FAST stroke and Power Stroke Actuators from Marshall Excelsior are available with Stainless Steel brackets and are designed for quick and easy installation on Fisher ISC valves. --Repairable with common automotive parts. P313 P341 P389 P650 ME206 P731 P714 P723