NEE Propane & Natural Gas Equipment Catalogue

CANADA’S LEADER IN ENERGY PRODUCTS EQUIPMENT PLANT, TRUCK & TANK EQUIPMENT INTERNAL VALVES Replacement, Repair & Retrofit Kits for Fisher Internal Valves For Valve Model # Includes Jet Bleed Valve Technology Size Repair Part Kits Retrofit Kits Complete Parts Kit with Bonnet C407-10 No 1 1/4” NPT RC40710T012 - - C421/C427/C402-16 2” NPT RC40016T012 RFC4716T012 T20377000A2 C402/C421/C427-24 3” NPT RC40024T012 RFC4724T012 T20430000A2 C403-24 3” Double Flange RC40324T012 RFC4824T012 - C404-24 3” Single Flange RC40424T012 - C204-43 4” Single Flange - RFC4824T012 C404-32 RC40432T012 RC40432T012 T11396000B2*, T11396000C2** C404M32 RC404M32T12 RC404M32T12 C471/C477-16 Yes 2” NPT RC47016T012 New Version - C471/C477-24 3” NPT RC47024T012 C483-24 3” Double Flange RC48324T012 C484-24 3” Single Flange * T11396000B2 is the current packing repair kit and will only include parts required to repair the new packing assembly. All 4-inch valves shipped before March 15 th , 2012 must first be retrofitted with the following relevant RC kits (RC40432T12, RC404M32T12 or RC404A32T12) before they can be repaired with T11396000B2 . ** T11396000C2 is a new repair kit that contains the main seal required to repair the primary discs and o-ring inside the relative valve. Note: Retrofit Kits are used to convert old technology-based valve models to a new Jet Bleed featured valve. EMERGENCY SHUT-OFF VALVES Marshall Excelsior ESVs Due to the presence of a built-in fusible element at the valve operating hub, the ESV will automatically close when exposed to heat between 212° F. - 250° F. These valves are ideally suited for installation at direct fired vaporizer inlets for automatic emergency shutdown as a result of fire or at dispensing pump inlets to provide immediate and positive remote shutdown. Features: • Powder-coated ductile iron body with cast hexagonal ends for maximum durability and ease of installation • Integral swing check valve with soft seat to promote max flow and minimize product loss in the event of a line failure • All stainless steel internal component construction provides maximum corrosion resistance • Provides clear visual indication if valve is open/closed • UL Listed for use with LP Gas and Anhydrous Ammonia(NH3) - 400 PSI WOG • Integral fusible element for automatic closure when exposed to fire • Durable Teflon® packing gland and resilient seals provide long lasting service life • Available with pneumatic or cable style latch mechanism NEE # Size Latch Type ME980C-16-2F 2” - 300# Flanged Cable ME980C-24-4F 4” - 300# Flanged ME980C-24-3F 3” - 300# Flanged ME980-6 3/4” FNPT Pneumatic ME980-8 1” FNPT NEE # Size Latch Type ME980C-6 3/4” FNPT Cable ME980C-8 1” FNPT ME980-16-2F 2” - 300# Flanged Pneumatic ME980-24-3F 3” - 300# Flanged ME980-24-4F 4” - 300# Flanged ME980C-6 Check Valve Indicator ME980C-16-2F