NEE Propane & Natural Gas Equipment Catalogue

NATIONAL TOLL FREE DIRECTORY 1-866-574-5100 | ON THE WEB REGULATORS DOMESTIC REGULATORS First Stage Regulators First stage regulators are typically used to reduce tank pressure to an intermediate pressure; usually 5 to 10 PSI for further pressure reduction by a second stage regulator located closer to the load. This allows for the use of smaller piping and can contribute to substantial savings. Care must be taken in colder climates to ensure that the pressure setting does not create dew point concerns that could cause the propane vapour to condense back to a liquid resulting in regulator freeze-ups and possible problems at the burner. Fisher First Stage Regulators The R622H First Stage Regulator is constructed of corrosion-resistant and wear-resistant materials, designed to provide a recommended replacement life of 20 years (a 30% improvement over previously existing designs). Features: • 1/8” F NPT pressure taps on the inlet and outlet for easy system pressure checks. • Large 3/4” drip-drip lip vent to reduce vent blockage and freeze-ups. • High capacity internal relief with built-in travel stop providing the best over-pressure protection in the industry. • Superior lock-up performance for precise and consistent performance. • Corrosion-resistant materials and coatings for durability. • Positive draining spring case. • 5 Year Warranty. The R122H Non-Adjustable Regulator features a molded diaphragm, over- sized relief valve & a compact design with excellent capacity and performance for a small first stage regulator. NEE # BTU Capacity Inlet Connection Outlet Connection Adjustment Range Factory Setting Vent Location Internal Relief Bracket R622H-JGK 2,250,000 F. POL 3/4” F NPT 4 - 6 PSI 5 PSI 3/4” F NPT Screened and over outlet Yes P100A or P100C R622H-HGK 2,000,000 1/2” F NPT R622H-BGK 1/2” F NPT R622H-JGJ 2,500,000 F. POL 3/4” F NPT 8 - 12 PSI 10 PSI R622H-HGJ 2,100,000 1/2” F NPT R622H-DGJ 2,400,000 3/4” F NPT 3/4” F NPT R622H-BGJ 2,100,000 1/2” F NPT 1/2” F NPT R122H-AAJ 1,100,000 1/4” F NPT Non Adjustable 3/8” F NPT Screened and over outlet P100A R622H R122H