NEE Propane & Natural Gas Equipment Catalogue

NATIONAL TOLL FREE DIRECTORY 1-866-574-5100 | ON THE WEB PLANT, TRUCK & TANK EQUIPMENT NOZZLES & STRAINERS Strainers All strainers are suitable for use with LPG or NH3 and come standard with Ductile Iron bodies and 40 mesh stainless steel reinforced screens for maximum durability and protection of downstream equipment. The ME656S Series units come complete with threaded blow-off ports. Optional mesh sizes are available. Plugs for the threaded blow-off s are available at additional cost. Note: To order a Y-Strainer with a plug, place a “P” at the end of the NEE part# suffix NEE # Description PSI Dimensions / Size ME650S 40 Mesh Stainless Steel Screen - Threaded clean-out 600 1/2” NPT ME651S 3/4” NPT ME652S 1” FNPT ME653S 1 1/4” NPT ME654S 1 1/2” NPT ME655S 2” FNPT ME656S 3” NPT ME656S-3F 3”-300 LB Flanged Iron Y Strainer ME656S-4F 4”-300 LB Flanged Iron Y Strainer Replacement Parts & Accessories for High Capacity Flanged Y-Strainers NEE # Description ME656S-3F-109 Replacement 3” Filter Flange Gasket ME656S-3F-110 Replacement 3” Filter Flange O-Ring ME656S-3F-901 Replacement 3” Flange Y-Strainer Filter ME656S-4F-108 Replacement 4” Filter Flange Gasket ME656S-4F-110 Replacement 4” Filter Flange O-Ring NEE # Description ME656S-4F-901 Replacement 4” Flange Y-Strainer Filter ME904S-3F-027 3”-300 LB Flange Spiral Wound Gasket ME904S-4F-027 4”-300 LB Flange Spiral Wound Gasket ME980SK-24 3” & 4”-300LB Flange Stud & Nut Kit Gasguard 1 3/4 ACME Nozzles The GG1E Gasguard Nozzle is generally for attended Autogas and Industrial filling applications. It is intended for use when filling mobile and stationary LPG Tanks, where a 1¾” ACME Adapter is used. The GG1E Series nozzle supersedes the LG1E product line, complete with significant enhancements. Such ergonomic improvements over the previous series include: higher flow rates relative to system pressure drops- from the previous design and a new optional latching system, providing single-handed action and better control of the Lever operation. The GG10 Gasguard Nozzle, fitted with a 1¾” ACME thread connection, has been designed to fit hoses used for dispensing bulk LP gas to small-medium tank and industrial storage facilities with bobtail delivery units. The nozzle is robust and exhibits a high level of operator safety. The GG10 Series has an extra 40mm reach and has a twin seal/ball race swivel which comes in a 1” or 1¼” F NPT. The Valve Shutdown mechanism uses a Piston Dashpot which minimizes the line shock spike. LPG emissions of 7cc’s when disconnecting. Includes robust inlet swivel, ready to connect directly to a 1” delivery hose. The GG20 Gasguard Nozzle supersedes the LG20 model and has been designed to reach deeper positioned filler adapters, such as storage cylinders, forklift truck cylinders and recreational vehicles in similarly difficult locations. The GG20 Series nozzle also has a longer connector assembly—35mm longer than its GG1E cousin. Standard performance features for both GG1E & GG20 Series: • Lightweight and well-balanced for ease of operation • An optional filter can be built into the nozzle to protect it’s valve seat from the effects of foreign matter flowing into the Nozzle. • High Strength Aluminum Alloy Connector Casting with a stainless steel ACME thread insert provides long service without distortion. Standard performance feature for all 3 Nozzle Series (GG1E, GG10 & GG20): • Cannot discharge LP Gas to the atmosphere when not coupled and must be screwed on to the 1-¾” ACME threaded tank filler valve to allow product to flow. Furthermore, the GG1E series features a unique elastomeric plastic ‘O’ Ring. It is securely housed in the nose piece, positively sealed to it’s mating filler valve even if the adapter gasket is missing. Moreover, this series emits a very small volume of product (2.0 cc) to the atmosphere on completion of filling operations. NEE # Description Weight PSI Nose Piece Type GG1E Gasguard Lightweight Nozzle 4.0 Lbs, 1.8 Kg 350 Stainless Steel GG1EL Gasguard Lightweight Nozzle, with Latch Assembly GG20X3/4 Gasguard Lightweight- Long Nozzle, with Latch Assembly 4.4 Lbs, 2.0 Kg Anodized Aluminum GG20LX3/4 Gasguard Lightweight- Long Nozzle GG10 Gasguard Bobtail Nozzle 6.6 Lbs, 3.1 Kg Stainless Steel Threaded Clean-out Bolted Clean-out GG1E GG10 GG20