Retail Petroleum Equipment

2 Central Illinois Manufacturing Company Rev B March 2006 This document contains general guidelines based on information from a variety of sources. It is not in- tended to replace thorough review, careful planning, consideration of site-specific issues, or sound judg- ment of retail station owners or operators. Mention of trade names does not imply endorsement. Addi- tional information on materials compatibility and station preparation is available from a variety of sources. What is Ethanol? 3 Conversion Checklist 10 Phase Separation 4 E10 E85 Phase Separation Guidelines Equipment and Tank Construction 5 Tank Evaluation 6 Preparing for the First Delivery 7 Remove bottom water & contaminants Cim-Cart IV First Delivery 8 Why High-Performance Filtration? 9 Summary 9 Filters - Why Microglass? Cellulose vs. Microglass Preventive Maintenance Checklist 11